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Birthday Reflections from Cassandra

Every year I grow older, the more gratitude and appreciation I have to be alive. While my life looks wildly different than I ever would have imagined a few years ago or a decade ago, I see that I have been guided to this very moment for a reason.

My healing journey in the past year has been powerful. This time last year I was soaking up a month in Hawaii with a man I thought I would spend my life with. I connected to the rich wisdom of the island, danced more authentically than ever before at the many ecstatic dances around the Big Island, met beautiful human beings and had a lot of time to be alone on the beach and look within. It was beautiful, and then it was time to go.

While i’ve been leading retreats, trainings and circles for a number of years now, something very powerful has awakened within me in the last year. It’s as though one of the final pieces i’d been eagerly searching for finally appeared when I slowed down and took care of myself in the midst of a very challenging breakup and life transitions.

The last year of my life has taught me a few very key and valuable lessons and so it just feels appropriate to share them with all of you on my birthday of 2-22!

Here are some of my biggest lessons + wisdom learned in the last year ~

1) I must be happy alone to enter a healthy relationship

While it may sound obvious, this has taken me my entire life to learn. As someone who in the past always needed a boyfriend or relationship to make me happy, this has been really, really powerful for me. I no longer seek validation within a relationship and instead find complete happiness and purpose on my own.

There’s a powerful Facebook post here that sums up why it’s not necessary to need to be with someone and instead far more sacred to choose to want to be with someone. There’s a massive difference between the two, and this is what I seek to cultivate: complete happiness and wholeness on my own that I choose to share with the man I love.

2) I am the hero of my own story

Long gone are the days of waiting for someone to swoop in and rescue me. For most of my life I operated in a victim mentality and therefore waited around for someone to recognize something special in me and seek to save me. Not only is this mentality incredibly harmful, but it’s also not fair to the people around us that we lay this expectation upon. This year I finally took ownership of my life in it’s entirety and have chosen to be my own hero.

3) I am capable of anything I desire

From launching the GoddessCeremony Podcast to leading over 15 Sacred Goddess Retreats last year, this has been a hugely powerful year for both GoddessCeremony and myself personally. For years I put off the idea of launching the podcast and some trainings out of year and a limiting mindset. To now see them manifested into reality reminds me that I am capable and that everything I need is already inside of me.

4) A loving community is the greatest gift

I feel beyond blessed to have the most incredible community of women and men from all across the world. Deeply grateful for my best friend and soul sister Meadow and all of the amazing human beings i’m blessed to call dear friends and mentors. This includes all of you who have joined me for a retreat or training - THANK YOU for being part of my community and web of sisters.

I’m excited for the next year of life and trust that I will be guided to exactly where i’m meant to be. I’m taking this time over my birthday to invest in myself and attend a powerful seminar in LA, soak up sunshine, eat beautiful food and connect with community.

With so much love and gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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