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My Vaginal Steaming Routine and How it’s Changed My Life

If you haven’t hopped on the vaginal steaming bandwagon yet, it might be time! I discovered this practice a few years ago, and it has contributed significantly to my own healing journey. If you’re not familiar with vaginal steaming, you can read more about the history of vaginal steaming and why women steam here.

Allowing vaginal steaming to be part of my regular routine has been life changing for a number of reasons. Through vaginal steaming and other natural health modalities, I’ve regulated my menstrual cycle after years and years of inconsistent periods, I’ve found a healthy balance in pH and I’ve found a powerful connection to this sacred space that I wouldn’t have thought possible.

There is something so powerful about offering healing to yourself in this way. Through this gentle and yet deeply healing practice, the vagina, cervix and womb may be supported.

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So what does a regular vaginal steaming routine look like? While it’s a little different for everyone, many steaming experts state that steaming twice a month is safe for most women.

My personal routine with steaming looks like this~

-After my menstrual cycle has ceased completely (generally around day 5 or so) I will steam to support my body as it rebalances

-A few days before my menstrual cycle is set to begin (generally around day 25 or so) I will steam again to prepare my body for menstruation

Steaming regularly has allowed me to reconnect to this sacred space and find a huge amount of healing. Some women may steam more often, though I recommend working with a steaming expert to ensure that is safe for you. You can set up a 1:1 session with me as a Naturopathic Doctor here to discuss if vaginal steaming is the right option for you.

Do you steam regularly? How often do you like to steam?

If you're ready to learn more about vaginal steaming, listen to our podcast episode about it here.

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