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Full Moon in Virgo February 2019 - Awakened Potential

On February 19th, 2019 the sacred moon waxes to the Full Moon time. Glowing high above us, this sacred February Full Moon creates space for us to rise into our fullest potential and step forward boldly.

The biggest Supermoon of 2019, this Full Moon will appear larger than usual and arguably even more magical and potent too. As things shift and ebb astrologically, we too are being guided to recognize our potential, our wisdom and our magic and shine it unapologetically.

2019 has already seen multiple powerful moon alignments and especially after a deep unwinding with the final Full Moon in 2018, this year has been full of expansive and empowering changes. More and more space is being carved to allow for change, transition and transformation. With this February Full Moon also aligning in the sign of Virgo, we are being called to ground down, get clear on what we desire to create and then be prepared to bloom.

So what does this Full Moon really have in store for us? The answer is a lot.

If you’ve been feeling guided to do, create or birth something into this world but have felt stuck or limited in your potential, now is the time to bury those old patterns and limiting beliefs and boldly CREATE.

Everything astrologically in 2019 has prepared us for this moment of new beginnings, creation and embodiment so now is the time, sister, to rise up and heed the call.

The wisdom you are meant to recognize with this Full Moon is this ~

If you’ve been waiting at the sidelines or been too afraid to be your authentic self, see this Full Moon as your catalyst for change and transformation. Bring awareness to the potential that is ready to be unleashed and then be ready to boldly and powerfully create. Get quiet, look within and find the clarity that you need in life and then be ready to trust it and fully embody it.

Whether this potential you feel is to write a book, move into a new living space, manifest a relationship or start leading circles, you are fully supported within this Full Moon energy to do just that.

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If you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate this sacred Virgo Full Moon, we’ve shared 3 suggestions below!

-How to Celebrate the Full Moon in Virgo-

-Sit outside beneath the Full Moon and imagine the glowing light of the moon to illuminate the parts of yourself that are ready to be discovered. Is there a passion or purpose that is sitting under the surface? Is there something powerful that is waiting to be unleashed? What can this Full Moon light uncover for you?

-Connect to your sensual energy with this Full Moon. Whether it’s connecting with your partner, offering loving touch to yourself, giving yourself a breast massage or meditating with your womb, find a practice that allows you to tune into the creative force of this Full Moon. You may find new inspiration and clarity rise to the surface from this practice.

-Get your creativity flowing with some powerful music and dance. Turn on a playlist that awakens inspiration and flow in you and allow yourself to simply move. You can find lots of powerful playlists on our Spotify here.

No matter where you are at in your journey, know that this Full Moon wisdom is here to support you and guide you. Allow the Full Moon to shed light on your being and trust in the wisdom it uncovers. You are so loved.

With gratitude,


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