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Crystals and Protection on the Road: The Crystals I Always Have in my Car

As many of you know, i’m on the road constantly for retreats, events and trainings all over the country. Often times i’m driving to these locations around the U.S. and so I reached out to my dear sister Meadow, a gifted crystal healer and teacher, and asked what crystals I should keep in my car.

A few years ago, Meadow gifted me a beautiful wire wrapped tool to hang from my rear view mirror to help keep me safe. This beautiful creation featured selenite, black tourmaline, amethyst and a few other small things like rocks from Michigan and an acorn that she intuitively felt would be a nice addition to keep me grounded. I kept this in my car with me when I drove last Summer from Alaska to Mexico by myself, and I was indeed safe during that entire trip.

Recently though, I asked her what other crystals I should have in my car. Below are the crystals that she recommended I always keep in my car.


-Crystals to Always Have in Your Car for Protection-

Black Tourmaline

This powerful dark crystal is a master absorber of negative energy and will help absorb negative energy, hatred or anger on the road. This is a great stone to have on hand for long road trips. I keep a few pieces of black tourmaline in my center console to create a field of safety around my car.


Selenite is another powerful protection stone, but it also helps to deflect negative energy. Selenite is known to send negative energy back to the sender before it can affect you, so this is a great one to have in your car. It also helps you stay rooted and grounded while you drive.


Amethyst is a powerful stone of protection and intuition. I have multiple pieces in my car now because of the emphasis she placed on amethyst and it’s powerful properties. Amethyst is also a calming stone that helps keep you focused and in the present moment.

I keep all of these stones in my car at all times for protection while I drive around town for errands or on long road trips.


Some other crystals you could also keep in your car include shungite, onyx, obsidian, clear quartz and celestite. Perhaps the most important thing to know when selecting crystals for your car is to choose intuitively. If you are ordering online or at a local crystal store, ask yourself what crystals will be the most beneficial for YOU specifically. Always honor the intuitive guidance that you receive.

My lovely and very gifted sister Meadow does offer 1:1 Crystal Guidance Sessions via the phone if you feel you need a little more support or guidance on what stones would work best for you. You can visit her website at or if you are local to Utah, you can visit her store Meadow's Crystals in Lehi, UT.

Which stones do you keep in your car? Comment below!

In gratitude,

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