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6 Reasons to Join Us for our 2019 Costa Rica Goddess Retreat

We are excitedly planning our 2019 Costa Rica Goddess Retreat and daydreaming about sunshine, fresh coconuts, the warm ocean and sacred sisterhood! We've received dozens and dozens of emails inquiring about this powerful women's retreat in the jungle and so we're answering the top 6 reasons why you need to join us in Costa Rica this April!

1) You get to take 7 days just for YOU

At this gorgeous retreat center in nature, you'll be able to nourish yourself first and foremost. Without the distractions of normal life, you'll have the time and space to honor what YOU need. While the retreat includes yoga, empowering women's workshops, beach and waterfall excursions and sisterhood circles, there's also ample space for free time. Whether you desire to sit by the pool and read a good book, take a nap in the middle of the day or walk to the beach with your sisters, you'll be encouraged to do what you need throughout the retreat!

2) You'll be nourished and cared for

When was the last time someone else cooked you 3 nourishing meals a day, did all of the dishes AND cleaned up for you? As women, we often become the caregivers for our families and communities, and so it's a special treat to be completely cared for.

At our 7 day Costa Rica Goddess Retreat, you'll enjoy 3 decadent and delicious meals each day as well as fresh fruit, coffee and tea each morning before yoga. Surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and sisterhood, you'll feel supported, nourished and taken care of. And who doesn't need more of that?

3) You'll connect with like-minded women and cultivate lifelong friendships

Have you ever felt like it's hard to meet truly like-minded, supportive women? This is perhaps the best place ever to make lifelong friendships with women who are supportive, encouraging and empowering to be around! Women who attend our retreats go on to be friends for years, and that is one of the most key parts of our Goddess Retreats ~ the cultivation of community and true sisterhood.

4) You'll get to be playful

From dancing on the beach at sunset to practicing yoga, you'll have the freedom and space to have FUN. In our normal lives and jobs, so many of us learn to be somewhat closed off and professional at all times. This retreat provides you with the space to be authentically you without any judgement or expectations.

5) You'll awaken something powerful within

Through powerful women's workshops and ceremonies, you'll awaken the wild woman within. As you remember the power that lives within you, you'll feel a deeper connection to self than ever before. Women who attend these retreats report massive transformations in their lives, relationships and careers. To awaken the wild woman within is to remember who you truly are.

6) You'll reconnect to nature

Surrounded by lush jungle and the beach, you'll be intimately connected to Mother Earth. We'll practice yoga each morning overlooking the jungle, gather on the beach for sacred women's workshops, swim in the warm ocean and howl at the moon atop a magical waterfall. Connecting to the earth means connecting deeper to ourselves!

If you are ready to say YES to yourself in 2019 and create space for your own healing and empowerment, now is the time sister!

Only a few spots remain so claim your spot HERE to join us in Costa Rica April 6 - 13, 2019!!!!

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We cannot wait to gather with all of you in Costa Rica! And so it is!