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New Moon in Aquarius February 2019 - New Beginnings

On February 4th, 2019 the moon pulls inward to her darkest state of the cycle marking the New Moon time. Holding the energy of new beginnings, removal, intuition and creation, this sacred New Moon has wisdom for all of us to feel.

Aligning with the Chinese New Year on February 5th, 2019, fresh beginnings and transition seems to be in the air.

So much is changing and shifting with this New Moon time. Traditionally the New Moon has been seen as the time of new beginnings, death, removal and rebirthing. The darkest time of the cycle, the new moon provides us with the space to look within and recognize both the shadow and the light that exists within us.

Women have for thousands of years gathered together during the New Moon phase to meditate, observe their thoughts, menstruate and rest. This sacred tradition lives within our bones as women and if you are reading this, you likely have felt called to understand this moon phase and yourself on a deeper level.

This New Moon aligns in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign that radiates as a symbol of connection and community. We must remember that we are all moving through life with ups and downs, challenges and blissful moments, creation and loss. No one is immune to the ebb and flow of life.

What Aquarius offers us during this sacred moon time is the reminder that healing is not just an individual process but also a community initiation. As we heal ourselves, we heal the women that have walked before us. We heal our lineage. We heal our stories. We heal the people we see in our community.

The more healing we do, the more we see healing on a global level.

We are all interconnected through a web of sisterhood and humanness, and as we stand on this brink of a new beginning and change, we must remember that healing happens when we rise together.

Where in your life can you invite in more community connection? Whether it's through physically connecting with others around you or making a point to support and empower all women by letting go of the need to compete or compare, we can all rise together with this powerful moon time.

This New Moon in special for a number of reasons, and I'm sharing 3 suggestions to connect with this moon time below.

-Here are 3 powerful lessons from this New Moon in Aquarius-

-Pay special attention to your dreams during this sacred time. Notice any patterns or themes that come up for you and try to journal them immediately after you wake up. You can also grab your phone and record yourself describing your dream if you're too tired to write your dreams down. Pay special attention to predatory dreams or dreams that have dark symbols or signs in them. These may point you to a place in life where healing must be done.

-See the Chinese New Year and New Moon time as a reminder to start over, clear away the old and birth something new. If you've fallen off the bandwagon of self care or new year intentions, lovingly recommit to them with this season. Create routines and practices for yourself that bring you closer to the empowered being you desire to rise into. For example, I've recommitted to leaving my phone on airplane mode until I ground down in the mornings. No more scrolling Instagram in bed first thing in the morning!

-Offer yourself more awareness and space for your intuition. It's likely that this New Moon time will heighten your intuition so honor your intuition when you receive it. Remember that intuition will never "make sense" because it is not based in logic. Honor the gut feelings and sensations that arise for you and you will in turn be strengthening your intuition. Whether this guidance comes up when you're meeting up with a friend, thinking of signing up for something or trying to decide how to spend your evening, listen to your gut. Listen to your intuition.

So much wisdom is all around us! This Aquarius New Moon certainly has some deep messages and reminders for all of us. With this new beginning, be open to receiving. It is through this sacred act of surrender that we can then create space in life for new beginnings and opportunities. Trust and all else will flow.

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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