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The Most Important Step in Manifesting Love

If you are manifesting a relationship or are ready to begin the search to find your next partnership, you've likely heard dozens of tips from experts.

Get on the dating apps, go to social events, change up your altar space, manifest your dream partnership, buy certain crystals... the list goes on.

And while all of these ideas may be helpful overall, there is one key tip that I think all women (and perhaps all human beings!) need to hear. If you are searching for love, the one, your dream relationship or a deep connection with another human being, you must remember this ~

Date yourself, first and foremost

What does it mean to date yourself? Imagine the things that you generally offer a partner. You can also imagine that things you normally expect from a relationship. By dating yourself, you create space in your life to take care of yourself and to honor what you need.

So often in a relationship we are quick to give every last ounce of ourselves and while this caring and nurturing energy is beautiful, it is often done in an excess that ends up eventually depleting us. Date yourself by drawing yourself a hot bath in the evening. Date yourself by taking yourself to your favorite restaurant for lunch. Date yourself by buying yourself flowers or treating yourself to a massage.

We also learn how to offer ourselves love, support and appreciation rather than relying on another person to do it for us.

Dating ourselves allows us to cultivate a deep sense of love and appreciation for ourselves. And truly, it is only when we love ourselves that we can offer love to another person.

Creating this healthy relationship with yourself and living a life that inspires you and brings you joy will attract your dream partnership in a powerful way. So yes, certainly manifest this dream partner! Have a few pieces of rose quartz by your bed. Get on a dating app if that resonates. But don't forget about the power of loving yourself and creating space for your own growth and transformation.


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