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Full Moon in Leo January 2019 ~ SuperMoon Wisdom

On January 20th, 2019 the moon expands into her brightest and most awakened state at the Full Moon peak. Aligning at 10:16PM MDT, this moon has been called the most powerful Full Moon of 2019.

Likely you've been hearing all of the hype about this Full Moon, and for good reason! Our first Full Moon of 2019 is also a supermoon and there is a full lunar eclipse that will occur this weekend alongside it. This moon has been called the Super Blood Wolf Moon and this means that it is a lunar eclipse and the first full moon in January aligning together at the same time.

Millions of people are eagerly preparing to witness this magical eclipse over the weekend, and while that is a powerful thing to see, it's also an equally powerful alignment to simply feel.

Anytime we see a lunar eclipse, an element of change and transition certainly rises to the surface. Like the moon and nature, we too experience an ebb and flow, and this lunar eclipse sets all of this change and healing into action.

The moon is slightly closer to the earth with this Full Moon and this gives it the title of a Supermoon. The moon may appear larger and more expansive than usual so it's an especially powerful time to get outside and feel the moon's healing light. The moon is closer to us than usual and so her message is more direct at this time. After a challenging and chaotic 2018, this year has started with a far different energy. Many of us are feeling expansive, safe and free to create something new and now, dear sister, this is the final ingredient you've been searching for.

The greatest inspiration I feel from this Full Moon in Leo is this~

It is time to step up, to stand up, to reclaim. You are being called to rise and fully embody the powerful human being that you are. There is no more space for excuses or limitations and instead an infinite amount of love, inspiration and empowerment exist all around you. Be bold enough to ride this wave.

The energy of a Leo Full Moon brings us clarity, boldness and the ability to powerfully reclaim what we have lost. If you have been feeling that this is your year to go big, to create or to heal, this moon reiterates those intentions.

Now is the time for you to look within, find the stories and beliefs that tell you it is not possible and then boldly rise through them.

If we want 2019 to be different, we must do things differently.

We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned so that we can have the life that is waiting for us. Now is our time, wild sister! Let's do the work.

Happy Full Moon in Leo, sisters! If joining us for a powerful women's retreat is on your list for 2019, make sure you claim a spot soon! Our retreats are filling very quickly and we are SO grateful to see so many powerful women saying YES to themselves. Our upcoming retreats are listed below!

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