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How My Menstrual Cycle Has Become My Favorite Time of the Month

There was a time in my life when my menstrual cycle was in my mind the worst time of the month. I felt overwhelmed by this extra nuisance, tired from the cramping and angry at my body and the Feminine for making me deal with this thing every month.

And so, is it any wonder why for years I lived with debilitating cycles? With such a negative attitude and deep disconnect, am I surprised that I experienced painful, long cycles?

When I finally realized that it was my choice to decide how I wanted to experience my cycle each month, everything changed.

Sister, if you have been feeling called to change your relationship with your menstrual cycle but haven't known where to begin, this blog post is for you.

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Reclaiming your menstrual cycle and seeing it as a sacred experience is a life changing journey for women. Because so many of us grew up believing this time to be equivalent to a curse or damning, it's a massive initiation to begin calling this a sacred time.

I believe that it is every woman's birthright to see her menstrual cycle as a sacred, empowering and transformative experience every month. While it is the norm in our culture to resent it and take pain medications, this is so far from the true essence of menstruation that it is almost devastating to watch.

You deserve to have an empowering, blissful and healing experience with your menstrual cycle each month. This should be the norm. And as more and more women continue to do this work and reclaim it, the norm will shift.

I've shared the four ways I've reclaimed my menstrual cycle and now look forward to this beautiful time every month.

- How I Made My Menstrual Cycle My Favorite Time of the Month -

1) I chose to see it as a sacred time each month

Instead of immediately feeling annoyed or disappointed by my cycle each month, I chose to feel gratitude. I was grateful that my body was healthy enough to menstruate. I was grateful that I was a woman and got to experience this sacred cycle. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to honor my body.

We must remember that our mind is a powerful tool. If you believe something to be bad, scary or painful, you will create that. If you believe something to be beautiful, meaningful and sacred, you create that. The biology of belief is a fascinating study (there's an excellent book by that title by Bruce Lipton we recommend) so choose to change your perception.

By choosing to see this as a sacred time, you will be embracing a part of yourself that has been neglected for far too long. Allow yourself to welcome in the most sacred experience of womanhood.

2) I listened to my body and honored her

After I welcomed in this experience each month, I began to listen to my body and try to understand how to best support her. When I felt cramping, I let go of the need to grab a pain medication and instead sat with it. What is my body telling me?

As you become more in tune with your body, you'll find that what you need during your menstrual time is incredibly simple. Likely going for a run or attending a hot power yoga class is not what your body needs. Rather she needs something far more gentle. A walk, a warm bath or a quiet moment to just be is far more nourishing and respectful.

Honoring my body for me meant changing my days in small ways so that I could offer my body what she needs and deserves. If I already had planned to go to yoga and run errands but then woke up with my cycle, I would change those plans. If I had made plans with friends to go out one evening but then felt deeply introverted with the coming of my cycle, I would honor that and lovingly reschedule.

The key here is that honoring your cycle means honoring yourself. So yes, this is a reminder and a call to put the needs of your body on the top of your priority list. This is vitally important.

3) I embodied this sacred time of letting go Each month as your body physically releases all that no longer serves her, this is a powerful time to let go in other areas of your life. With each menstrual cycle, I ask myself what needs to be released in my life. Is there a habit that I'm ready to release? Is there a person I've allowed to take up space in my life for far too long?

My menstrual cycle has become a guide and a teacher for me as I remember the cyclical nature of all things.

4) I recognized the historical significance of menstruation The more I read about menstruation, the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Archetypes, the more I realized the power that lies in this monthly flow. Menstruation has been celebrated and honored for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. The modern day view of menstruation as a dirty or sinful thing is relatively new in the grand history of this Earth.

The more I read about these cultures that welcomed menstruation, celebrated their moon blood and the men in the communities that bowed to a bleeding woman, the more empowerment I felt in my own experience.