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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

We honored to share this guest blog post by the lovely Renee Scheer on transforming limiting beliefs into powerful catalysts. Renee is a recent graduate of our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training. Please comment below and let us know your thoughts!


Dear sister,

Our belief system is one of the most important keys in living a happy, gratifying life. It took me years to understand this notion of what you believe, you receive. But there’s so much more to it than just saying the words. You might be familiar with the movie or book The Secret and the popularity of it when it was released. They talked at length about the importance of positive thinking. I myself was mesmerized by the idea of it and starting putting some of their theories into practice. But over the years I learned that while positive thinking is an important role in manifesting, action is just as important.

We are raised by our parents with a specific belief system. They teach us the only way they know how based on their own experiences, so it can be difficult at times to let go and transform those old beliefs into new ones that fill your soul with joy. Whether it’s about religion, career, relationships or lifestyle, it’s in our human nature to adopt those beliefs. But more importantly, it is in our true divine nature to question them and decide for ourselves what we believe, what we want, and how we want to live in our world.

Limiting beliefs come in many forms including outside influences and negative self talk. You might be the kind of person who takes another person’s opinion to heart. Or you might be someone who doesn’t feel worthy of something you desire. You might even be someone who is torn and not sure what to believe in. This is the time to go deep within yourself and start unveiling your truth.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs based on outside influences and negative self talk:

-If I don’t get married before I am thirty my parents will be so disappointed.

-I can’t quit this job I hate because my family will never understand.

-There are no good men out there.-Life is hard.

-I don’t have time to have a family and do what I love.

-Nobody gets me.

-I am too fat, short, tall, quirky, lazy, introverted, or Fill in the blank.

-Nothing ever goes my way.

-I don’t make friends easily.

-I am not attractive enough for “that” kind of man.

-I won’t be able to live without a high paying job.

-If I get married I’ll probably just end up divorced like everyone else.

Some of these are personal to me. You may even be familiar with a few. When we have these types of thoughts, the universe says, “Okay”. It’s important to understand though that these “thoughts” can be turned into questions. They can be turned into something that allows you to change their vibration.

For example, if you notice a passing thought such as “Nobody gets me”, pause for a moment and change the vibration by saying: “The truth is, I FEEL like nobody gets me AND I open to attracting friends who honor and accept me for who I am.”

Your thoughts are there for a reason. They come from a place inside you, a belief system that was once nurtured. Any time a passing thought arises that doesn’t make you feel all tingly and light inside, it could likely be something your soul is asking for permission to release and shift.

Here are some tips that have helped me to release my limiting beliefs:

1. Begin by noticing. Start noticing when those icky thoughts arise. Be conscious of their power. As simple as it seems, noticing and acknowledging is very powerful in beginning the vibrational shift process.

2. Any time a thought or comment arises from you that doesn’t make you feel good, say “cancel that” and actually turn it into an affirmation. I will share a recent example of my own limiting belief. Often as I would sit quietly, a random thought about how men never approach me for conversation or dating. Once I recognized how often that appeared and remembered how I am in the process of manifesting a partner, I took that and turned it into the following affirmation: “Single, attractive, available men always approach me for dating and conversation.”

3. Start a daily practice of using affirmations with meditation. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Sitting in stillness, telling yourself the truth about what you desire or how you desire to live can be very powerful. Connect to your heart and to your higher self with love and call in your desires. Ask your angels or guides for assistance in remembering your new beliefs about yourself and what the universe has in store for you. Once you start doing this, you will find it easier every time to notice when limiting beliefs arise.

4. When you are using an affirmation such as “Single, attractive, available men always approach me for dating and conversation”, go out and make yourself noticeable. I recently went to Trader Joe’s just before Christmas and did my thing as usual and when I got home, I noticed something important. A random thought crossed my mind about how many men were in the store and while I was there, I had my head down the entire time with no room for eye contact or a simple smile. This realization, this noticing, was an important part of continuing to release that limiting belief I had. So I told myself that next time I go out, I will keep my HEAD UP and HEART OPEN!

Sisters, the energy and vibration you put out there is just as important as the words themselves!

One more thing I would like to say is this, you can’t fool yourself in believing something is right for you. If there is a limiting belief in your life that you are questioning, explore all the possibilities of it. Tune in. The universe is your co-conspirator. What you believe, you receive.

~Renee Scheer

Soul Creatrix

About the Author~

Renee Scheer is an Artist, a Muse and a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix. She is passionate about creativity and artistic expression and is a believer in magic. You can learn more about Renee at her website here:

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