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6 Suggestions for a Productive and Empowered Year

Taking the time to set yourself up for success is so incredibly key. We’ve created a list of six important things to consider to help you live a year that is empowering and productive. Let’s dive right in!

- 6 Tips for a Productive and Empowered Year -

-Purchase and Use an Inspiring Planner

While many people like Google Calendar and online scheduling, I think there’s something so special about a physical planner. Buy a nice one that works well for you and your goals and intentions and allow this to be the space you track meetings, clients and to-do lists. I recently purchased the Clever Fox planner and I LOVE it. I really appreciate that every week you can write out your goals, to-do list and more.

-Create Manageable Goals

Rather than writing our a year long list of dreams and goals, break it down to smaller, more manageable pieces. Each month, make a Google Doc with a list of your goals and intentions. This will allow your goals to feel far more accessible and feasible. If you have a goal to launch a podcast, focus one month on content creation, another month on putting them together with the intro and another month actually uploading them and announcing them. This feels far more manageable than having one large goal to record, create, upload and announce a podcast. Take your large goals and plug them into separate months.

-Create Dedicated Time to Work

Find time everyday that you can focus on your projects and work. This will help you get into a normal routine of flow and creativity. Whether it’s 10AM - 3PM or 1PM - 9PM, find the schedule that allows you to feel the most productive and empowered and stick with it.

-Establish an Inspiring Work Space

As you go to begin working, make sure that your space feels uplifting and inspiring. Rather than working at a cluttered desk in a dark room, find a space in your home or office with lots of natural sunlight, organization and peace. I personally love working at my kitchen counter because of the natural light that comes in from the large windows and how spacious it feels. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, make sure that your work space is organized and clean to help you stay grounded and clear.

-Schedule Designated Self Care Times

Schedule into your regular weekly or monthly routine regular self care time. Whether that’s booking a massage once a month or having an evening to yourself once a week, this is so key. To avoid burning out and losing the spark of creativity, balance your work with plenty of time to rest and receive.

-Have Clear Intentions and Dreams

If you don’t know what exactly you’re working towards, how can you be fully empowered? Take some time to journal what exactly you want to achieve in your life overall, in this coming year AND in the coming month. With this clarity, you’ll be able to clearly create an action plan for success and work towards it.

If you’ll be implementing these six tips below for an empowered and productive year, comment below!


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