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New Moon in Capricorn January 2019

Can you believe the first New Moon of 2019 is already here? The sacred moon dips to the lowest point in her cycle at 1:28AM on January 5th, 2019. Aligning in the sign of Capricorn, we can see that this year is already embodying a very different energy than 2018.

Most of us would likely describe 2018 with similar words: intense, polarity, change, transition, reawakening, a breaking point. 2018 held many challenges, intense growth pains, incredible moments of bliss and deep experiences of death. It certainly wasn't an easy year for many of us and it all cumulated with the Full Moon in December which shook even more stuff loose. Relationships ended dramatically, paths we had been carving suddenly crumbled and many of us were swiftly redirected.

While it's still the beginning of January, I think many of us are starting to understand why so much chaos lived in 2018 and where we are headed now. 2019 is blossoming into a year with far more growth, ease and love.

It's no wonder that we see the first New Moon of the year aligning in the earth sign of Capricorn. Grounded and deep, much of the chaos that closed 2018 has dissipated and left us with a new beginning. We are being called to remain calm and constant as we step into the new year in front of us.

We are also witnessing a partial Solar Eclipse on January 5th and so this is a powerful time to boldly create something new. Between the new year, the new moon and the eclipse, now is the time to birth something into reality!

This coming year will be a massive one for the Divine Feminine. 2019 will mark a time in history when the Feminine will be allowed to blossom more than ever before, and we are honored to be supporting this transition. To support this growth, we as women must all continue to do the work, heal, let go of old beliefs and rise TOGETHER.

With this new cycle, new beginning and massive time of growth, let us remember to rise with the women around us so that we can be part of the rebirth of the Sacred Feminine.

2019 is already off to a powerful start and it's only the first week! Great things are coming. May we all see this as a new beginning and a time to boldly live in alignment with our dreams.

We honor you.

In gratitude,



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