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January Free Yoga Playlist of the Month

Due to popular demand we're now creating a free yoga playlist of the month! Each month GoddessCeremony creates a 60 minute yoga playlist on Spotify for you to enjoy! Whether you're a yoga teacher or simply looking for a new playlist to use during your home practice, these playlists are upbeat and inspiring.

We are especially excited to share our January 2019 playlist of the month because this entire playlist features powerful female artists. It also just happened to add up to 13 songs for a full 60 minute playlist ~ a very auspicious number of the Divine Feminine. If you are looking for an empowering and bold playlist to flow to, this is for you.

This month our playlist has 13 songs. Ranging from Ruelle to Banks, this playlist is full of empowering music and some brand new releases. To find this free yoga playlist, you can search on Spotify "Cassandra Wilder" or you can search the playlist "January Yoga Playlist of the Month" by Cassandra Wilder. You can then download the playlist and listen to it whenever you want!

The songs in this playlist are as followed:

1) Fake Empire - Lotte Kestner

2) Minds Games - Banks

3) Deltitnu - Aydio

4) Sunu - Rising Appalachia

5) Monsters - Ruelle

6) The Other Side - Ruelle

7) Stay Gold - First Aid Kit

8) Silent Running - Hidden Citizens

9) Don't Forget About Me - Cloves

10) Hayling - FC Kahuna

11) Soldier - Fleurie

12) Someone New - Banks

13) Into Dust - Mazzy Star

If you listen to the playlist, please comment below and let us know how you liked it!

In gratitude,

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