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2018 in Review at GoddessCeremony

We are beyond grateful to all of you for being part of our GoddessCeremony Community! It is beyond an honor to have met so many of you through Sacred Goddess Retreats, workshops and events throughout the year, but we are also so grateful to all of you who were part of our online community.

Throughout 2018 we noticed a powerful shift happening in the world. More and more women are hearing the call to remember the wild woman within. We were amazed by the hundreds of powerful women we witnessed who boldly paved their own path in this world. There is a massive awakening happening, and we are so grateful to be walking this journey with all of you.

2018 was a powerful year for us at GoddessCeremony. We worked hard to create empowering, authentic, meaningful content for women around the world to enjoy and savor. Below we’ll share with all of you what we did in 2018, what we learned and what is coming next!

- 2018 in Review at GoddessCeremony -


We began 2018 with empowerment by leading a 7 day Costa Rica Goddess Retreat! We had an amazing time in the jungle of Costa Rica as we awakened the wild woman within. We also enjoyed spectacular organic meals, plenty of time in the ocean and such a beautiful community of women from around the world.

We also announced many of our upcoming 2018 Sacred Goddess Retreats in January and immediately had most of them sell out!


In February, we began to scout new retreat centers and announce a few more retreats for 2018. We also began our first round of the year of Embodied Wisdom, our four week moon immersion online training.

Cassandra spent the month in Hawaii scouting new retreat centers, recording dozens of new videos for multiple trainings and connecting to Mother Earth. She also celebrated her birthday in the heart of the Big Island.


In March, we began our first round of the year of our Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix Training. We had 12 powerful women sign up for this course that teaches the art of leading women’s circles. We were especially excited about this round because our team had just recorded brand new videos for the entire course (all 24 videos!) which was a major feat. We were grateful to finally have videos that matched our dedication to this path and the Divine Feminine.

We also led a powerful 4 day Sacred Goddess Retreat in Texas! This was our first retreat in Texas and we had such a powerful experience! Being in the heart of Texas with so many sacred women was truly beyond words. We enjoyed swimming in the pool, howling under the moon and practicing yoga in the sunshine.


In April, we began our next round of Embodied Wisdom and had an amazing time moving through the phases of the moon with this round of sisters. We also led our Arizona Sacred Goddess Retreat in Southern Arizona deep in the desert during the Full Moon. This intimate group was very special, and so danced around the fire and practiced yoga beneath old trees.


May was such a whirlwind and began the busy season for us at GoddessCeremony. We led two Michigan Sacred Goddess Retreats because of the massive demand for our retreats in the Mitten State and had such a life changing experience with these women. Michigan is the perfect backdrop for the wild woman, and we had a beautiful time swimming in the river, enjoying workshops around the fire and witnessing deeply authentic and powerful women.

We also had our Creatrix Retreat in Michigan for women in our women’s circle training. These women were hungry to dive deep, so we enjoyed an intensely powerful 4 day training weekend in the forest.

We also launched the next round of Embodied Wisdom and began the next round of the