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Conscious Love Between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Creating a healthy relationship between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is incredibly beautiful. When we learn how to flow together in balance, we touch the deepest layer of love.

And yet, so many of us were not taught how to create a healthy, balanced relationship. So many of us have struggled through unhealthy and disempowering relationships, hungry to create something truly beautiful.

It’s taken me many years to understand the Divine Masculine and Feminine and while I still would not consider myself an expert in the realm of relationships, these are the tools that have greatly benefited my relationships.

A note: All human beings, whether female or male, have masculine and feminine traits. Some women may have a strong yang energy, or masculine energy, while a man may feel aligned with his yin energy, or his feminine energy. As I use the words masculine and feminine, know that this can apply to any human being.

So how can we create healthy partnerships within the sacred container of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine? I’ve created a four step process to positively support your relationship. These four steps honor both the Masculine and Feminine within both people and will help you understand yourself and your partner better.

- 4 Steps to Empower the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine -

One: Recognize the Desire of the Feminine

Perhaps the most important piece of wisdom that many scholars agree upon about the Divine Feminine is that there is an innate desire to be chosen. The feminine wants to know that she is the one who was selected and that she was chosen for a reason. She doesn’t want to be chosen just because she’s feminine, but rather wants to be selected for something far deeper than that. She wants to be seen, recognized and honored for the divine creature that she is.

Many teachers of the Divine Feminine have stated time and time again that the feminine must feel in her partnership that she is chosen over and over again. This allows the feminine to feel safe within this relationship so that she can create, grow and flourish.

Two: Recognize the Desire of the Masculine

Just as the feminine desires to be chosen, the masculine has a deep, innate desire too. The masculine desires to be encouraged and appreciated. The masculine has a drive to create and do and craves from the feminine loving encouragement and support. Few things are as damaging to the masculine as criticism and this is why we as the feminine must remember this key biological need of the masculine.

By offering support, encouragement and appreciation, the heart of the masculine grows. This is the number one need of the masculine.

Three: Focus On What You Can Offer

Within your sacred partnership, focus on what you can offer your partner rather than what your partner will do for you. If you feel inspired to welcome your partner home with a loving embrace and a shoulder rub, do so from a place of giving.

A miraculous thing happens when we offer our partner love and affection without any need to have it reciprocated. Often our partner feels so respected, loved and honored that they offer it back ten fold. One of my favorite relationship books is It Takes One to Tango and the author reiterates this piece of advice over and over.

To give is one of the most beautiful gifts in the world and is key for a beautiful relationship. If you feel inspired, offer your partner something really special in the next few days and watch how meaningful it is to them. Don’t be surprised if they offer you something back in return that is equally as thoughtful and special!

Four: Continue Your Healing Journey

By continuing your own healing journey, you will in turn heal the relationship. Don’t allow yourself to become stagnate in your relationship by giving up personal development and inner transformation. Instead, continue to flourish and bloom within your partnership and you’ll watch your relationship grow and transform too.

By choosing to follow your passions and recognizing the things you desire to heal, your relationship will heal too.

These four tips were cumulated from various books, podcasts and trainings that focus on empowering the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. If you choose to weave in some of the tips, comment below and let us know!

In gratitude,


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