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Empowering Business Tips to Live Your Most Abundant Year Yet

Whether you’re a fellow entrepreneur or not, these empowering business tips will be helpful for you as you make 2019 your most abundant year yet!

We live in a world with so many opportunities for abundance and sometimes we just need a few reminders about how to fully tap into this massive opportunity. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, massage therapist, jeweler or marketing director, these tips will be helpful for you as we move into 2019!

- 5 Empowering Business Tips to Live Your Most Abundant Year Yet -

Tip 1: Be Present on Social Media

While we may not all love social media, the fact is it’s here to stay. Most people learn about new products or businesses through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram so it’s key to have a social media presence on these websites. While posting regularly is key, don’t feel like you need to post something every day. Posting content that is honest, empowering and relatable is key for social media. While posting an image of you standing on your head may be cool, sharing your healing story with a photo of you in a vulnerable space will probably be far more impacting to those who follow you. I recommend having at least a Facebook and Instagram business page, though there are other social media platforms out there that you may choose to add as well.

Tip 2: Always Be Authentic

Whether you’re posting online or teaching something in-person, being authentic is a must. If you are known for swearing in your yoga classes or keeping it real with your clients, it’s going to be inauthentic for you to show up and act like the most spiritual, innocent human being alive. It’s just not authentic. Take the aspects about you that make you relatable AND are authentic to yourself and then begin to weave that part of you into all of your work. People like being around other authentic human beings, so have clarity about who you are and then show up that way.

Tip 3: Do What You’re Passionate About

If you are passionate about making beautiful homemade herbal tinctures but feel that having a youtube channel about marketing is more lucrative, it might be time to reassess what you’re doing. By living what we are passionate about, we radiate a brilliance that everyone can see. I thought about adding website building to my business about a year ago since I built the GoddessCeremony website so successfully, but then had to stop and get clear about the why. Do I really want to build website for a living? Hell no! So instead I chose to redirect my energy and time into my own business.

Tip 4: Tap into Multiple Revenue Streams

If you are wanting to gain more financial abundance, you may want to look into passive revenue streams. Passive revenue streams are ways you make money with very little effort. For example, publishing a book on Amazon could be a passive revenue stream because you put in the time and effort into writing the book and publishing it, but now you receive a check each month for the rest of your life. Other passive revenue stream ideas include having an active youtube account, sponsorships, trainings or online seminars on your website and affiliate links.

Tip 5: Manifest It

Last but certainly not least, remember the power of manifestation! If you are unfamiliar with manifestation, you can learn more about the exact way to manifest here. Get clear about what you really want to create in 2019 and then manifest it! Write out how much money you’d like to make, the impact you have on the world and the joy you feel as you do it all!

Those are our 5 tips to make 2019 your most financially abundant year yet! If you have a business that you’re creating, comment below and tell us about out! We love supporting other women-owned businesses around the world!

Let’s make 2019 our most successful year yet!

With gratitude,



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