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6 Empowering Books for Women I’ll Be Reading in 2019

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I love finding new, empowering books to inspire me and expand my wisdom of the Divine Feminine and healing. While i’ve written a few blog posts about my top recommended books for women, I decided to try something new and share what books are on my radar and why i’m excited to read them!


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Of course after I read all of them, i’ll write a blog post with a formal review but in the meantime, if you’re searching for some new books

- Here are 6 Empowering Books for Women I’ll be Reading in 2019 -

This powerful book is full of wisdom about menstruation, red tent circles and reclamation so obviously I need to read it! Two incredible women have joined together to write this book as they seek to educate women around the world about the blessing of menstruation and womanhood. I’m so looking forward to learning from these sisters!

Wayne Dyer was one of the powerful and influential speakers that taught the great Louise Hay about healing, so i’ve made it a priority to learn more from him. Truly gifted in the areas of healing, law of attraction, manifestation and mindset, Dr. Dyer was one of the greatest teachers on the planet. I’m looking forward to learning about mindset and beliefs in this book.

Gabrielle’s book The Universe Has Your Back was life changing for me, so i’m excited to read more of her books. Spirit Junkie offers a simple road map to self healing and transformation, and she teaches this wisdom in her own unique perspective. Gabrielle is world renowned for her spiritual teachings and no BS attitude, so this book is high on my list.

I’ve heard glowing reviews from women about this book. This book has been referred to as the feminine bible and has over 500 pages of deep wisdom about the Divine Feminine, the Goddess and life. Dr. Bertrand writes this book from a masculine perspective, offering a new layer of wisdom about feminine healing. As someone who is deeply passionate about the womb, I cannot wait to begin reading this book!

I’ve had this book for a few months but simply haven’t had the time to really tune into the wisdom of this book. With 2019, I plan to savor all of the wisdom held within these pages. This sacred book is about self initiation, healing and connection with the Divine. I have heard other women share that their own spiritual journeys have accelerated dramatically after reading this book, so I’m looking forward to immersing myself!

While this book is written for men, I am looking forward to understanding the psychology of the masculine. David Deida is known for his workshops and events around the world as he fosters a safe place for relationships to heal. While this is an unconventional book to have on the list, I think i’ll learn a lot about the Divine Masculine and in turn learn how I can support the men in my life.

Will you be reading any of these books in 2019? There are so many incredible, impactful books available to all of us, and i’m grateful to begin with these six. If you have any book recommendations, feel free to comment below!

In gratitude,

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