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5 Sisterhood Resolutions for 2019

As we begin to wind down 2018, now is a powerful time to set new goals and intentions for the coming year. While many of us will set resolutions and goals for new hobbies, work out schedules and relationships, I wonder what would happen if we set sisterhood resolutions.

What if with the new year we committed as women to raising each other up and treating others as our sisters?

This is my call to you, dear sister. Let’s make 2019 the year that we all really show up for each other and burn away the old bullshit rules that tell us that women are competition for us. Let’s be part of the change.

- 5 Sisterhood Resolutions for 2019 -

-When another woman tells you about a dream, goal or upcoming project, celebrate her. Celebrate her passion, her willingness to try something new and her optimism. Celebrate her creativity and excitement. Let go of the need to pick it apart or challenge her. Hear this sister and affirm her. “I know you are a powerful, capable woman and i’m so excited for you!” is something more women need to hear.

-Recognize the women you meet as sisters and find the similarities you have with one another. While you may have different beliefs and backgrounds, likely at your core you both simply want to be heard, respected and appreciated. See the women around you as sisters and allow them to feel heard and respected. You’ll likely be amazed by how much this simple gesture means to them.

-When you see / meet another woman who you feel is more accomplished than you, feel gratitude to have met her and ask her how she became so successful. Rather than looking at her like competition, see her as a mentor and a guide who could help you reach your goals too.

-When you see / meet a woman that you feel is more attractive or beautiful than you, let go of the need to compete and instead recognize her as another human being. While you think she is more beautiful than you, likely she’s looking right back at you and thinking the same thing about you. Let’s celebrate the unique beauty we all posses.

-When you feel the urge to talk badly about another woman, stop and take a deep breath. Does talking badly about another person fulfill anything in you? Probably not. See if you can redirect the conversation to affirm the woman instead. Remembering that we all have strengths and challenges is a powerful practice in compassion. Challenge yourself to talk about the strengths you see in your sisters instead of what you don’t like.

2019 will be a powerful year for sisterhood, community and healing so let’s rise together and support this change! Be the woman that inspires and empowers the women in her community. Be the sister who speaks highly of other women. Be the woman that powerfully walks the path of the Divine Feminine.

In sisterhood,



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