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Gratitude for 2018

We all have different feelings about 2018. Some of us probably cannot wait for it to be over while others of us are reflecting on one of the best years of our lives.

2018 was certainly an intense yet powerful year, and I would guess all of us touched layers of hardship and grief while also feeling joy and expansiveness at other times.

These polarities are what make life… life. This Universe is full of yin and yang, ebb and flow, change and consistency.

As December begins to wind down, now is a powerful time to reflect on 2018, what we learned and to offer thanks for the things we are most grateful for. Whether it was a great year or a challenging one, 2018 had powerful lessons for all of us.

- Giving Gratitude for 2018 -

As you reflect on your year, what comes up for you? What beautiful experiences did you have? What things brought you joy? Were there any new, exciting transitions in life? (a new baby, getting married, traveling to a new country, etc.)

And what was challenging for you? What experiences pushed you to the edge? What things are you grateful to leave behind in 2018?

Allow yourself to answer these questions honestly as you reflect on the last year of your life.

And now, what are you most grateful for in your life?

You may immediately think of the big things like family, food in your belly and a roof over your head, but you may also find yourself feeling grateful for other things too. Perhaps you are grateful you lost your job because it allowed you to spend more time with someone before they passed away. Perhaps you are grateful for a fight with a loved one that ended up bringing clarity to you. Whether it was a challenging moment or a blissful moment (or maybe the two combined), write out what you are grateful for.

Life is about learning and growing so if 2018 had some difficult moments in it, you are not alone. See if there is wisdom hidden within the cracks that can teach you something new and powerful before the new year.

2019 will be an incredible year and we look forward to sharing more about upcoming offers with all of you soon! Stay tuned for more information about our Sacred Goddess Retreats and online trainings!

With gratitude,



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