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Manifesting Your Dream Relationship? Read This

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Manifestation is a life changing practice that has been harnessed for thousands of years. Indeed, virtually every millionaire and successful entrepreneur is very much aware of this sacred practice and the amazing thing is that this powerful practice is accessible to you too.

If you’re new to manifestation, learn more about it here before continuing onto the rest of this blog.

Manifestation allows us to tap into Universal energy as we create the life of our dreams. One of the most common things I see people manifest is their dream relationship. If you are ready to call your dream partner into your life, this blog post will be hugely important for you.

-How to Manifest Your Dream Relationship-

-Get out a piece of paper and write out all of the attributes the love of your life will have. Will this person be kind? Love to travel? Abundant? A great cook? Anything and everything that you’d like to have in a relationship - write it out! You can choose to write it in the form of a bulletproof list or you can write it in more of a paragraph form if you prefer to write in a more artistic flowing way.

-As you write, make sure that you’re writing in the present tense. Rather than saying “I want a loving partner…” say something like “I HAVE a loving partner who…” There is a massive difference between the two.

-After you have finished writing this out, take a few moments to read over the list and take it all in. Close your eyes and imagine this person coming into your life. What will it feel like for them to hold you? What comes up for you when you imagine being with this person? If joy, sadness, excitement or longing arises for you, feel it. Let it flow.

Are you ready for the final step? Perhaps the most important step, this is something I haven’t shared on the GoddessCeremony Blog until now.

-The final step in manifesting the love of your life is to write out the version of yourself who attracts this incredible human being. Who are YOU when you attract a partner like this? Again, you can write it like a list or in a paragraph but take some time to reflect on the best version of yourself and who you seek to embody.

Perhaps the highest version of yourself meditates each morning and eats high quality, healing foods. Perhaps this version of yourself goes to yoga twice a week and gets out in nature every weekend. Whoever your best version is, write it out and seek to become that person.

As you embody your highest self, you’ll find that this incredible partner shows up for you and is immediately drawn to you.

We must remember to do our work. You deserve to be your highest self.

Sister, do not forget this hugely important step. Make your list and then begin to become the woman you have written out. You’ll be amazed by how quickly this dream partner comes into your life.

In gratitude,



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