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If You Think You Can’t Keep a Houseplant Alive, Read This

If you have the belief that you are a plant murderer and cannot keep anything alive, fear not! This blog post is for you!

For the majority of my life I too could not keep any plants alive and really struggled especially with succulents. (A note here: succulents are often touted as an easy plant to take care of but in reality it’s a fairly demanding plant so i’m not sure why everyone acts like succulents are great first go-to plants because they aren’t!!)

A few years ago I dated a man who taught me some of the basics about plants and you know, how they need things like sunlight and water. I’m sad to admit I truly understood NOTHING about plants.

Today, i’m grateful to have over 50 houseplants in my home and it takes everything in me everyday to not go to another plant store for another plant baby or two.

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If you’ve been wanting to add a few houseplants to your house but don't know where to start, this blog is for you! I’m sharing my 3 favorite houseplants that are especially hardy, need very little light and can be forgotten about for a few weeks and still be alive.

— 3 Hardy Houseplants Anyone Can Take Care Of —

1) Snake Plant

Snake plant is a must for any home, apartment or office because this plant thrives in low light, needs a small amount of water and adds a gorgeous touch to any living space. Some plants like succulents and cacti need to be right next to a window and receive a certain amount of sunlight each day. Snake plant is different in that it can easily be in the corner, on your desk or on a shelf instead of right next to the window. Snake plant still needs light so you do need to have some sunlight coming in, but this plant is about as low maintenance as it gets.

Depending on your climate, your snake plant may want to be watered once a week or once every two weeks. Living in dry Utah, my snake plant usually needs more water in the summer and less in the winter. Simply let your snake plant’s soil dry completely before watering it again.

2) Philodendron

Perhaps my favorite plant ever, this easy to care for plant thrives in low light, needs a small amount of water and can really take a lot of neglect and still be okay. I gave this plant to my mom for Christmas last year after she said she was a chronic plant murderer and i’m happy to share that a year later, it’s still alive!

Like Snake Plant, Philodendron needs a small amount of sunlight. Because of the vine-y nature of this plant, it looks beautiful hanging down a bookshelf or trailing along your ceiling. Generally watering once a week is plenty for this plant.

3) Dragon Tree

A lesser known plant, Dragon Tree does well in low lighting and has such a fun and unique look to it. This makes a great plant for offices and homes. Again, this plant needs very little light, a watering once a week and some love for it to thrive.

If given enough love and care, Dragon Trees can grow to be up to 7 feet tall! Highly recommend this plant.

If you’re purchasing one of these plants, comment below! Or, if you’d like a more in depth list, see our blog post about 7 great go-to houseplants here.

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