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11 Healthy Habits for Women at the New Year!

Working in both the natural health field as well as the sacred sisterhood and retreat area, I find that women often want to know what they can do to support their health and wellbeing! As cliche as new year's resolutions are, I do believe that the beginning of a new year can be an empowering time to make some changes in your lifestyle. It can feel like a clean slate and new start!

While many of us have focused on things like weight loss or gym memberships in the past, I'd like to encourage you to read through this list and see if any of these things touch you on a deeper level.

Here are 11 Healthy Habits that you can add to your existing intentions or you can focus on just one!

1 - Make Self Care a Priority Yes, if you've been to a Goddess Retreat or joined me for an online training, you have heard me say this word once or twice! With this new phase and new year, I encourage you to make time for self care. Self care is any practice that rejuvenates and refills you, and it's different for every woman. For some it's getting a massage, reading, going on a hike, taking a much needed nap, spending time with girlfriends or going to a yoga class. Or, it may be even simpler like having a lazy morning once a week or cuddling your partner in bed. Take a few minutes to think about what you love doing that relaxes and nourishes you. There is no wrong form of self care!

2 - Read more

Our lives are busy and it's so easy to lose some of our favorite hobbies in the mix. See if you can make time with the new year to read each afternoon or evening. Love nonfiction and adventure? Read it! Love fiction and fantasy books? Great, read them! Reading gives your body the space to rest while also feeding your mind and imagination. The library or used books on Amazon are great options.

3 - Find a way to Honor your Body Daily What does it mean to love your body? Well, it's different for all of us! For some it may be standing in the mirror naked and telling ourselves what we love about our body (rather than what we resent about it!) or it may be nourishing ourselves with healthy, healing foods. It could also be practicing yoga daily or going for a run. What can you do to show appreciation for your body?

4 - Spend more time in Nature

Finding more time to be outdoors is so healing for us! Whether you are in your backyard sunbathing or going for a hike in the mountains, being nature is healing at every level. Not only are you getting fresh air, taking in your Vitamin D and connecting to the earth, but you are also naturally helping your body destress and come back into homeostasis. Try to make time once a week to be in nature for at least an hour!

5 - Surround Yourself with Supportive, Empowering People

Life is too short to be around people who bring you down! Remember being told in high school and middle school that who you spend your time with is who you become? I also thought it was an exaggeration when they said it but now I see the truth in it so much. Be around people who you want to be like and let go of relationships that are not healthy.

6 - Create Morning Routine Each morning you set the tone for your day. Taking 10 minutes or so to ground, set intentions and relax is far more healing than picking up your phone. See if you can start your day with water and lemon and then meditate or sit outside with the sun. Make a commitment to yourself that you will leave the phone on the charger until you feel ready to start your day.

7 - Reorganize your Home if Needed

If you are feeling stuck or without inspiration, consider reorganizing your home! Remove clutter and clean your space to let go of stagnant energy or old things you no longer use. Redecorating or adding plants can also make a huge difference! Make your home an inspiring and empowering place to be.

8 - Eat Mindfully

The next time you sit down to eat, take a moment to take a few deep breaths and thank the abundance of food in front of you. If it aligns with you to bless your food or say a short prayer, do it. As you eat, focus on chewing your food thoroughly and appreciating each bite. It's so easy to scarf food down and it's a challenge to be fully present while you eat.

9 - Make Time with your Sisters

For women, spending time with other like minded women is incredibly healing. Spending quality time with dear friends is naturally stress relieving and also allows us as women to share what is real and authentic for us. Sometimes it is more supportive to share what is going on in your life with a fellow sister!

10 - Find Time throughout the Year for Yourself As you look at 2018 and all of the possibilities, think about what you could possibly do for yourself. No matter what your "role" is in life, it's important to take time for yourself! If we continue to give and give and give and never replenish ourselves, we cannot take care of ourselves or others adequately. Planning time in your year for a short girl's trip or relaxing weekend will help you stay grounded and able to do the amazing things you do in your life. A Goddess Retreat is a great option. :)

11 - Continue to Learn and Expand Take new classes, sign up for different workshops and be open to continuing to grow and expand in your life. Finding new books to read or trying new things will allow you to grow as a person and diversify your passions. Sign up for a yoga class at a new studio or take a health workshop at your local health food store. There is always more to learn!

What are your intentions and goals for 2018? We'd love to hear them below!

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