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Wild Goddess Yoga Online Classes for Women

We have officially launched our Wild Goddess Yoga online class package! If you've been to a Sacred Goddess Retreat with us, then likely you've experienced this empowering form of yoga. Wild Goddess Yoga focuses on creativity, free expression and a deep connection to intuition.

And even if you haven't joined us for a retreat just yet, this yoga may be the exact kind you've been seeking.

Wild Goddess Yoga focuses on you trusting your own body and intuition above all else and through these creative and flowing practices you'll find yourself connected to the Divine Feminine on a new level.

Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, Wild Goddess Yoga provides dynamic flows and options throughout the practice to really make it your own.

This sacred online package includes six 50 minute Wild Goddess Yoga classes. Each class also comes with a free playlist so you can practice and flow right from your living room!

The best part about this sacred offering? You are given lifetime access to all six videos so you can practice with them as often as you want!

For a limited time, this package is available for one low price! Purchase your Wild Goddess Yoga class package here!

We look forward to flowing with you on your mat!

With gratitude,


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