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22 Amazing Gifts for Like-Minded Sisters

With the Holiday season coming up, many of us are starting to think about gifts for our friends and family. In the past I felt like it was sometimes harder to buy gifts for my conscious / like-minded sisters, but now it feels like second nature!

If you have a friend who appreciates thoughtful and empowering gifts, this will serve as your ultimate guide!

22 gifts for like-minded sisters -

1. Simple but thoughtful gestures. Fresh flowers, a long hug, a card describing how grateful you are for your friend, an offer to help them clean their home or helping them purchase gifts for their kids are all incredible ways to offer love to those who need it. Remember that you don’t have to buy something to show love and appreciation.

2. Crystals. Give the gift of a beautiful hunk of Amethyst or Rose Quartz and watch your friend glow with gratitude! Crystals of any size make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts. If you are in Utah, be sure to check out Aura’s Crystals for the best deals and most consciously mined crystals in the state!

3. Picture frames with photos of you together. This is one of my favorite gifts to give! Purchase a few nice frames and then fill them with your favorite photos of you and your friend together.

4. A gorgeous wire wrapped piece of jewelry. Because, who doesn’t love crystals? Meadow hand selects and consciously wire wraps every crystal with the Divine Feminine in mind. Use code “Goddess” for free shipping on any order!

5. A basket of self care tools. Buy a basket at a thrift store and fill it with beeswax candles, organic chocolate, incense, bath salts, fresh flowers and sage. This basket will be the ultimate self care gift!

6. A salt lamp. Salt lamps are not only beautiful but also healing! Salt lamps create negative ions which help to improve your mood and lower stress levels.

7. A yoga membership or yoga class pass. If you have a friend that loves yoga, this is a great option! Purchase a month of unlimited yoga for them at a local studio or a 10 class punch card. Sometimes websites like Groupon have deals for local studios too!

8. A crystal waterbottle. Soji makes incredible glass water bottles that feature crystals points inside of them. My sister gifted me one a couple years ago and it certainly became one of the coolest gifts i’ve ever received!

9. A beautiful live plant. Give the gift of a beautiful plant that will help clean the air of their home and produce oxygen! If you are looking for an easy to care for plant that is next to invincible, opt for a Snake Plant or Pothos Plant. Plants are an inexpensive and yet exciting gift.

10. Homemade bath salts. If you want to create gifts rather than purchasing them, bath salts make for a great option! Purchase some small mason jars, some cute labels and then create custom bath salts for your friends and family! You can see our bath salt recipe here to get ideas on how to craft your own!

11. Handmade pottery. One of my favorite gifts to give (and receive!), this option is a win-win. Not only are you giving a loved one a beautiful one of a kind gift but you’re also supporting a local small business. Most farmer’s markets or artisan markets will have a local potter that you can purchase from. I personally love to give mugs as gifts.

12. If your friend has children, offer to watch them for an evening so that that beautiful Mama Bear can have some time for herself. You could also gift her the self care basket we mentioned above!

13. A subscription to something that empowers them. Giving a month (or more!) subscription to Audible or Gaia TV or great ways to offer gifts that keep on giving!

14. A menstrual cup. If you have a friend who has been wanting to change how she menstruates but hasn’t taken the leap yet, buy a Lena Cup for her! I have given this gift many times and it’s always been met with deep gratitude.

15. An empowering book. Wisdom is power so give the gift of an empowering and conscious book. You can read our top 11 books we recommend to get an idea about book options.

16. Oracle cards. For your favorite hippie sister, a deck of oracle cards will be a gift she cherishes. See our list of recommended oracle cards for women here.

17. Coffee or lunch out. Perhaps rather than a gift a better offering would be some time to connect. Find a local healthy restaurant and treat them to lunch or coffee!

18. A subscription box. Buy your sister a Sacred Goddess Box Subscription Box or another subscription box that you know and love! This is a gift that will allow them to receive packages throughout the year and who doesn’t love that?

19. Gorgeous beaded jewelry. Weave Gold makes incredible beaded earrings and necklaces that any wild woman would love. While on the pricier side, they are worth every penny!

20. Homemade treats. Whip up a few batches of organic gluten free cookies, brownies or pies and share them with your friends!

21. Your services. If you are a massage therapist, offer a free 30 minute message or reflexology session. If you are a yoga teacher, offer a free class package. Offer what you are already passionate about and they will feel loved!

22. A beautiful handmade card. Often as we grow older, we tend to give cards less and less. Resurrect this beautiful tradition by writing out thoughtful and beautiful cards to everyone you are grateful for this Holiday season!

Take time to extend love and gratitude for everyone you have in your life and remember that this season is about connecting in gratitude. There truly is so much to be grateful for.

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