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7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Zen

Creating an inspiring and zen home is key for your mood and general well being. Since many of us spend at least 50% of our day at home, having a home that feels relaxing and zen is so important. These 7 simple things will help you create a more uplifting and spacious feeling in your home.

- 7 ways to make your home feel more zen -

1. Add in some plants

Plants are amazing at improving air quality but they also create a more zen environment. I wrote a blog post about the easiest plants to care for so know that there are plants that require very little care and do well in low light homes. Having plants around your home creates a lovely earthy feeling.

2. Purchase a salt lamp

Salt lamps are not only beautiful but good for you too! Salt lamps create negative ions which help to clean the air and are also known to help improve your mood. Especially if you live somewhere with long winters or little sunlight, salt lamps are a must. I like having one in my living room and bedroom.

3. Clear away clutter

To create a relaxing home environment, you need to get rid of the clutter! If there’s a corner or a bookshelf that gets overwhelmed with receipts, blankets, toys or change, start to clear it out! Donate what you no longer use and create an organization system with bins or baskets.

4. Allow sunshine to come in

Open your blinds and allow the sunshine to come in! If you are in the habit of keeping your blinds or shutters closed, try opening them everyday. This simple change will make a huge difference.

5. Burn incense or diffuse essential oils

A zen home is a good smelling home! Burn your favorite incense each morning (I love sandalwood!) or diffuse essential oils like lavender or frankincense for a relaxing home environment.

6. Use warm lighting

Get rid of the white fluorescent lighting and opt for warm lighting instead. Salt lamps and golden lightbulbs are great options to create a more relaxing, warm space.

7. Accent with crystals

Crystals add such a beautiful, earthy element to any home. A large piece of amethyst on a coffee table or hunk of quartz on a bookshelf immediately adds a lovely bohemian touch. Accent with crystals around your home for a simple zen addition. If you are in Utah, I recommend visiting Aura’s Crystals to find some lovely crystals for your home!

As you make your home more zen and relaxing you will likely find that it changes the way you feel in your life in general. As you implement these shifts, comment below and let us know what changes you observe in yourself!

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