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A Powerful ThanksGiving Practice in Gratitude

Most of us in the United States will be gathering with friends and family to celebrate this day of gratitude and bounty. While most of us will be feasting with those who love most, this day also holds a powerful reminder of gratitude.

Today with Thanksgiving, I hope we can all revive the life changing practice of gratitude.

Whether you are celebrating with one person or with a household of people, let’s all be the ones to ask our loved ones to go around the table and speak 1 - 3 things we are all grateful for.

Acknowledging the blessings we all have in our lives and speaking what we are grateful for is perhaps one of the most life changing practices in the world.

This could also be a powerful day to begin a gratitude journal. Purchase a small journal that inspires you and challenge yourself to write in it daily with lists of all of the things you are grateful for.

Everyday write out one or more things that you feel incredibly grateful for. It could be anything - being alive, your partner, abundance to buy food, fresh air, a strong body, your pet, your car - there’s no limit!

You could also encourage everyone at your Thanksgiving celebration to partake in a similar practice.

Let’s encourage the act of gratitude with this Thanksgiving. It’s far too easy to fall into the mode of lack and dissatisfaction. Coming back to gratitude is a life changing practice that we can all benefit from.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In gratitude,



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