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Full Moon in Gemini November 2018 - Authenticity is Calling

On November 22nd, 2018 the sacred moon waxes to her more expansive point. Aligning in the sign of Gemini, this Full Moon inspires all of us to step forward into our most expansive selves too and rise.

A lot has been going on astrologically over the last few weeks. Venus has just come direct once again while Mercury has moved into retrograde. 2018 is certainly beginning to wind down with a lot of passion, embodiment and encouragement for change.

With the Full Moon aligning in Gemini, we are being guided to illuminate our authenticity and truth in this world. Are you living a life that is in full alignment with who you truly are? If not, what parts of your life are not flowing alongside your authentic path?

Gemini is known as the yin and yang or two opposite sides. The light of this sacred Full Moon will be bringing up a deep desire to show up in an authentic and embodied way as we finish up this deep year of change and transition. It’s by no accident that this message comes to us at this holiday season where we may feel pressured to show up a certain way or even dim our light to be around family and friends.

Sister, this is your call to feel the expansive energy of this Full Moon and to step into your authentic path. We need more women heeding the call of their wild hearts now more than ever.

The Full Moon does not hide her light and instead shines boldly and unapologetically. She knows that her light will help others and so she shines on. There is so much that we can learn from the lunar phases.

With Gemini being an air sign, you may also find yourself consumed with thoughts. While this may be productive for some of us, others of us may feel overwhelmed and anxious by so many shifting thoughts. If this is coming up for you, remember that the answers you seek lie within. Bring your hands to your heart, take a few deep breaths and ask for guidance on the next step. Transitioning to an authentic path does not mean that you need to know how. Begin this path by simply allowing yourself to be guided to your next step.

With Mercury being in retrograde during this Full Moon, it’s incredibly important to be mindful of your words and actions. Speak and live from the heart so that things are not misunderstood. I want to remind you that Mercury going Retrograde does not need to be a bad thing and rather can be seen as a powerful time to look within and be patient. Read more about how to make mercury in retrograde a powerful time here.

Now is your time to be expansive, authentic and bold. See the winding down of 2018 as a sacred opportunity to gain clarity about your next step and how you desire to rise.

Lastly, there is support all around. Connect with like-minded sisters and share how you desire to rise. If you aren’t in the GoddessCeremony Facebook Group, join here and connect with hundreds of like minded women from around the world.

You are loved, supported and encouraged through this transition. Remember, you are not alone.

With lunar love,

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