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15 Great Go-To Musicians for Yoga Classes

If you lead yoga classes regularly then likely you have found yourself looking for new music. Sometimes it can be tricky to find artists than have a good beat, sing powerful uplifting lyrics and work well in a yoga format.

Those of you who have been to a Sacred Goddess Retreat with me know that I love weaving together unique types of music for an inspiring and empowering yoga experience. There are many excellent artists out there but i’ve listed below 15 of my favorite go-to musicians for yoga classes. These artists all have a lot of diversity and have songs that can work well during a more restorative / gentle class as well as a powerful vinyasa class.

15 of my favorite artists for yoga are as followed ~

1. Bon Iver

2. Dido

3. Imagine Dragons

4. MC Yogi

5. Moby

6. Kaleo

7. Tycho

8. Bonobo

9. DJ Taz Rashid

10. Ruelle

11. Steve Gold

12. Vast

13. Sia

14. Portugal. The Man

15. Lissie

What artists are your favorites for yoga? Comment below!

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