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Healthy Bulletproof Coffee Recipe - Keto + Paleo Friendly

In the last year i’ve joined the Bulletproof obsessed club! While I was never a big coffee drinker in the past, drinking this nourishing version of coffee has quickly become a favorite in my book. Often when I share about Bulletproof coffee on my Instagram, I receive questions about what it is and why I drink it.

Bulletproof coffee is a general term for coffee that is blended with high quality fats to create a latte-like consistency and flavor.

Why add fat to coffee?

Many of us in the Western world have been taught that fat is unhealthy and that fat makes us fat. This is a serious misconception however. Fat DOES NOT make you fat. Rather, processed carbohydrates do. Most Americans are severely deficient in high quality healthy fats. Healthy fats are needed by the body for most functions but especially for brain function, healthy cholesterol levels and regular blood pressure.

Unfortunately, many of us have been brainwashed to believe that fat is unhealthy and jumped on the low fat bandwagon and so it’s no wonder why so many Americans are sick, experience chronic brain fog, have a difficult time remembering things, are constipated and experience blood sugar spikes. For women especially, getting enough fat in your diet is key for hormone balance.

Fat is necessary for the body, but the key here is implementing more healthy fats into your diet. Healthy fats include:

-organic cold pressed coconut oil

-organic olive oil

-grassfed butter or ghee

-organic avocado or avocado oil

-organic sesame oil

-high quality lard or tallow

A general list of fats and oils that you want to avoid include cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, processed sunflower or safflower oils, margarine and soy oil. It’s important to remember that most restaurants use cheap, unhealthy oils like canola oil or cottonseed oil in their fryers so it’s important to make as much as you can at home to avoid toxic oils.

With Bulletproof coffee, you are setting yourself up for a day of clarity and blood sugar regulation by implementing healthy fats into your diet first thing.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe -

You’ll need:

-8 oz of organic coffee (I use a french press for mine)

-1 tbsp grassfed butter

-1 tbsp MCT oil or organic coconut oil


-dash of sea salt

-1 scoop of collagen

-vanilla extract

-sweetener like maple syrup or local honey

In your blender, add in the hot coffee, MCT oil / coconut oil and butter. It’s very important to blend this together so that the oil and coffee mix! You can add in any optional ingredients as desired. After you have blended it, simply pour and enjoy!

Super simple and yet very nourishing. I always recommend using organic fair trade coffee (I love Trader Joe’s coffee!)

Are you on the Bulletproof band wagon? Comment below if you try this recipe and don't forget to blend it! It’s vital!

In gratitude,

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