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Powerful Uses for Your Menstrual Blood / Moon Blood

I’ve wanted to write this blog post for a long time and so i’m deeply excited and grateful to write upon the wisdom of menstrual blood. At our Sacred Goddess Retreats, we teach about the wisdom of the feminine, how women cycle with the moon phases, how to track ovulation patterns and also the wisdom of our menstrual cycles. While many of us grew up feeling hindered or limited by our menstrual cycles, this is actually the most sacred time of our month.

Women around the world are choosing to reclaim their menstrual cycles. We are remembering the power of this sacred time and choosing to heal our relationship to this natural experience every month. I often present it as this is something most of us will experience every month for 30+ years - why not make it an enjoyable time?


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Menstrual blood is often referred to moon blood because of the deep connection between the female cycle and the moon phases. I also prefer saying moon blood because I feel this begins to capture the power and magic of this sacred time each month.

Moon blood was revered as a sacred elixir and healing tool for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. Some have claimed moon blood is the fountain of youth and others have said moon blood holds the secrets of the Universe. The Divine Feminine holds the wisdom of creation, birth and Universal knowing so it’s no wonder that our moon blood would also hold some of this wisdom too.

In our modern world, many of us have forgotten the power of moon blood. So many women simply flush it away or dispose of their cotton pads and tampons in the trash without a second thought. But the global consciousness on the planet is changing and women are feeling called to change this practice. And this is powerful!

If you’ve been on the path of reclaiming your menstrual cycle and honoring your sacred moon blood, here are some powerful uses for your blood.

- Powerful Uses for Your Moon Blood -

-Offer your moon blood to the earth. There is a quote that says “the world will be healed when women offer their blood to the earth.” I don’t think this means that all women necessarily need to physically pour their blood on the earth but what it does mean is that if all women understood the wisdom of their menstrual cycle and honored it as a sacred time, this world would indeed be VERY different. The Divine Feminine would be fully present in our society. After you remove your menstrual cup, sea sponge or reusable cotton pad, you can pour your moon blood directly onto the earth. You may find a certain place in your yard like a rose bush or tree that you like to offer it to or you may choose a different spot every time. In cultures around the world, offering menstrual blood back to the earth was part of the cycle of giving and receiving. We gather from the earth and pick her bounty and offering moon blood back to the earth completes the cycle.

-Offer your moon blood to your plants. If you don’t have a yard, you can also offer your moon blood to your houseplants. It’s important to remember that menstrual blood is not a waste product. In fact, menstrual blood is full of stem cells and contains over 50 times more calcium than regular blood. Our menstrual blood is what was sloughed by the uterus after conception did not occur so this sacred substance was created to build a baby if needed. Because it is full of stem cells and rich in nutrients, it makes a powerful fertilizer for plants. Simply pour your menstrual blood into a large mason jar full of water, shake and then pour onto your plants. I choose to use my menstrual blood as a fertilizer rather than toxic chemical versions.

-Anoint yourself with your sacred blood. One of my favorite practices during my menstrual cycle is anointing my third eye (the space between my eyebrows) with my sacred moon blood. I revere my menstrual blood as a deeply sacred substance and so by painting it upon my third eye, I feel connected to my spiritual center.

-Give yourself a moon blood mask. A practice that has completely changed my life, moon blood masks have rebalanced the pH of my skin better than any product I have ever purchased. I’ll be writing a full blog post about this very soon because it’s such an important thing for every woman to know! During the 2nd or 3rd day of my cycle, I like to remove my menstrual cup and then paint my entire face and neck with blood. I’ll leave it on for 20 - 30 minutes and then wash off gently with warm water. My face glows for a few days and I look 5 years younger after doing this practice. Highly recommend it!

-Bathe with your moon blood. You can also choose to fill your bath with warm water, fresh herbs and essential oils and then you can pour your menstrual cup into the bath. You’ll find this practice deeply nourishes your skin and rebalances your pH.

There are so many ways to honor your menstrual cycle and moon blood! You deserve to have a powerful connection to your cycle.

If you have debilitating menstrual cramps or other symptoms that make it difficult to enjoy your cycle, see our blog post here about naturally relieving menstrual cramps. You can also set up a Naturopathic appointment with Cassandra Wilder N.D. to support you in a 1:1 space.

How do you honor your sacred moon blood? Comment below!

In wisdom,

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