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3 Ways to Heal and Open the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra governs our ability to speak our truth, be honest, kindly set boundaries and say no to things that do not serve us. This chakra is so incredibly key to have balanced and yet most of us did not grow up in environments that encouraged healthy throat chakras.

If you are unfamiliar with the chakra system, you can read more about them and their significance here.

Instead, many of us grew up feeling tightness in this space and an inability to say no or to stand up for ourselves. If you are on the journey of healing your throat chakra, this blog post is for you!

But first, what are the symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra?

-tightness or pain when speaking

-debilitating fear of public speaking

-difficulty saying no

-has few to no boundaries

-has thyroid conditions

-has a difficulty swallowing

-loses voice when scared

-desires to just "be nice" and not rock the boat

-unable to stand up for oneself

-inability to sing

These are just a few of the many symptoms of a throat chakra imbalance. So how can we heal this imbalance? I'm sharing with you 3 ways to nourish the throat chakra on your journey of healing.


- 3 ways to open the throat chakra -

1. Bring awareness to your throat and choose to heal

When you feel ready to begin this journey, lay your hands over your throat and offer love and compassion to this space. You may find that this brings up emotion for you as you reflect on past instances or experiences that have taught you it is safer to close down your throat chakra. If you do have old experiences arise that feel difficult for you, journal upon them as you process this wound.

During this time you can also lovingly make the decision to heal and nourish your throat chakra. Believe that it is possible to heal and verbally say aloud, "I choose to heal my throat chakra from a place of love and compassion."

2. Start saying no

As you begin your healing journey with your throat chakra, you'll find one of the first things you need to do is start saying no. For women especially we have been taught that being nice is a must. This is a teaching and belief that truly does not serve most of us. It is beautiful to be KIND and to lovingly help others but you do not need to be nice and a people pleaser. There is a difference.

When someone asks if you can help them with something even though you already have plans you're excited about, lovingly tell them that you cannot help. If someone asks for a loan or something you do not feel right about doing, see this as an opportunity to speak your truth and say NO. Remember that you can say no in a kind and compassionate way.

3. Heal with sound

Another powerful way to bring healing to the throat chakra is through sound. Singing especially is a deeply powerful way to heal stagnation and trauma within the throat chakra. Create a safe space in your home and take the time to sing. You may prefer OMing like in yoga or singing modern songs that are empowering to you. Whatever it may be, sing it with truth and passion. You could also implement singing bowls or drums into this sacred practice.

If you desire to heal with sound you may find it beneficial to create a morning routine around it. You could start your day sitting at your altar meditating and then singing and drumming. Again, you could be chanting sacred Sanskrit chants or modern songs that you feel connected to. It truly is up to you! This is a very key way to open the throat chakra so it is not to be disregarded.


Other tools like supplements could also be beneficial. If you have a throat chakra imbalance that has manifested into a thyroid imbalance, I would recommend working with a Naturopathic Doctor or Physician to fully address it. You can book an appointment with Cassandra as a ND here.

Remember that to heal, we must believe it is possible. See this as your time to heal and rise into who you were born to be.

With gratitude.

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