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What Moving Taught Me About Life and Myself

Within the last week I moved out of my old apartment and into a beautiful home and it has been quite the whirlwind! Within 36 hours I had seen the new home, fell in love, was accepted and then began my moving process.

I have never moved this quickly before and while it was stressful, it was also an incredible experience. Not only did I move predominately by myself but I also found within myself a new level of strength and determination that I didn't know existed within me.

This move offered me many valuable lessons and I'm sharing a few of them below!

1) Simply Trust

Throughout the process of the move, one thing remained the same: Trust. Everything from first seeing the space to actually moving in gave me the opportunity to trust that if it was meant to happen that it would. Living in this element of trust allowed me to find peace throughout the journey and not take anything too seriously. There were moments when I wanted to force things or get worried but instead I chose to trust that all was as it's meant to be. And because of the trust I held in the process, everything happened better than I ever could've imagined.

2) Take Action for your Dreams

When I first manifested this dream home, everything in me said YES. I had no idea though that within a few weeks I'd soon see the home of my dreams online. After I went to see the space and fell in love with it, I knew it was a big leap for me. Not only would I need to move but I would also need to talk to my current landlord and discuss options for moving, have to sell furniture, etc. In many ways it would've been far easier to have just stayed at my current apartment and just make do but I felt that I was truly ready to step into something new. The Universe guided me to my dream home and then I needed to take the leap of faith. Fortunately, I did and immediately signed the lease.

3) Big Willing to Create Something New

Had I not looked around my apartment a week ago and with full clarity said "This space has served me well but I am ready for something better," I don't think I would've found my new home. My clarity was key in the manifestation process and because I was clear that my current home was no longer in alignment with me, I was finally in a mindset to change my reality.

Moving is a beautiful journey that can offer us so many lessons. If you're about to move into a new space, find trust along the journey and allow the new space to hold you through the next chapter of your life!

In gratitude,


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