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3 Steps to Attract More Financial Abundance

Manifestation is a life changing practice that has helped millions of people live in more alignment with their greatest dreams. One of the most common things I see people manifest is more financial abundance and so I'd like to share with you 3 powerful tips to make this process more easeful and effective.

If you're unfamiliar with manifestation, I wrote an in-depth blog post about it here. Even if you're not very familiar with the practice, these tips below will still be very useful and simple to use.

If you're looking to live a more abundant life and attract more money, this blog post is for you!

But first, a note on manifesting financial abundance. There's a common misconception that money is bad, dirty or corrupt. While money has been used to cause hurt and injustice to others, money itself is a benign thing. Quite literally, it's just a piece of paper. What I see often within this realm of spirituality and those on a path of healing and self development is people renouncing money and calling it evil. It's important to understand that money itself is not evil. Money can be used for evil but it can also be used to benefit this world in a positive, loving way.

There is also NOTHING wrong with desiring more money. Money is the currency of our world and with money we may be able to help influence the world positively. Imagine being so abundant that you can donate $100,000 to charity or helping families in need. If you have struggled with feeling that money is not a clean resource to work with, please choose to change your mindset.

Here are 3 ways to attract more financial abundance ~

1) Extend gratitude for your expenses

This includes things like rent, utilities, your cell phone bill, your car payment, your credit card bills, etc. While it may sound crazy, it makes a huge difference! What is your general attitude when you are paying bills? Do you feel stressed because you feel like there's never enough money? Do you get anxious? Do you avoid paying bills? By living this way, you are radiating the energy of LACK. When we focus on lack, we attract more lack.

Instead, pay your bills with gratitude. Are you grateful for heat in the winter? Lovingly and gratefully pay your gas bill! Are you grateful to have a cell phone so that you can connect with friends and family? Pay your bill with gratitude!

The more we live in the energy of gratitude and abundance, the more abundance flows to us. It's a simple energy exchange between you and what you call the Divine.

The next time you go to pay a bill, let go of fear and instead tune into gratitude and love. There really is so much to be grateful for and our utilities and bills provide us with an incredible service.

2) Clean our your purse and wallet

Today's the day to dump out your purse and wallet and start organizing! Money needs to be respected and if our purse is full of crumpled up money, how can we expect to attract more financial abundance? Clean out your purse and organize your receipts. Get rid of any trash or things that do not need to be in your purse. Throw out any pens that don't work.

Then in your wallet, organize your bills in a respectful way. If you don't own a wallet, this is your reminder to go buy one! Ideally you want a wallet that allows the bills to be flat and not folded. Smooth out your bills, face them all the same direction and I like to put the largest bill on top. Often we put our smaller $1 bills on top and then our larger bills in the back but I encourage you to do the exact opposite. Every time you open your wallet you want to see a $20 or $100 bill staring back at you. This is key to manifestation. Remember, what you focus on is what is manifested!

3) Write out your manifestation for more financial abundance

A powerful manifestation practice is to get clear on what you desire and then writing it out. Grab a piece of paper and then start to write out exactly what you desire. It's key to always be VERY specific with manifestation. Rather than writing "I make more money," I encourage you to be specific. Write something like "I make $5,000 a month with complete ease."

As you write out the amount that you make per month or week, also get clear on how you spend that money. The more specific we are, the easier our manifestation will flow to us. For example, if I'm manifesting $5,000 a month, it's powerful to write out how exactly the money will be utilized.

$1,000 - Rent

$250 - Utilities

$100 - Phone Bill

$600 - Food

$200 - Spiritual Development / Books

$300 - Charity

$200 - Travel Savings

$500 - Savings / Money to Invest


This gives you a general idea of how to write it out. Money desires direction and something to do. Write out what your money will provide for you similar to the example above. Read my manifestation blog post here to get clear on how exactly to write out a manifestation.

Start implementing these 3 steps and you will start to notice money flowing in freely and with ease. Trust that what you seek is seeking you and that all is coming. You deserve to feel supported and loved!

With gratitude,


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