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Let Yourself Bloom

Now is the time to fully rise and bloom, dear sister.

No longer is playing small or hiding behind the scenes part of your journey.

Now is the time to unapologetically rise and reclaim your space in this world.

So often we learn that it is better to stay small, to not rock the boat, to remain unnoticed so we do not offend anyone. Today is the day to burn the bridge on these beliefs and to allow the seed you planted so many moons ago to

B L O O M.

How do we bloom?

Sink deeper into yourself and create space to understand who you are and what you're here to offer in this world. Do things that you love and that spark a creative fire in your heart.

Go to the yoga class you love. Sit at your favorite restaurant. Dance in your underwear in the living room. Jump in the ocean alongside your kids. Make love with the passion and inspiration you lost.

The moment you make the intention to bloom and live a more beautiful, authentic life is the day you start to bloom.

You deserve to feel inspired, empowered, vibrant and radiant. Sister, now is the time to BLOOM.

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