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Full Moon in Taurus October 2018 - Freedom is your Birthright

Happy Full Moon in Taurus, sacred sisters! We are witnessing a powerful alignment and culmination of energies with this October Full Moon. On October 24 / 25, 2018, the sacred moon waxes to her fullest point. Aligning in Taurus, this Full Moon encourages us to look within. We are also witnessing both the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.

This Full Moon in Taurus is especially reflective of the Divine Feminine and the freedom and flow that the Feminine radiates. Scorpio also holds the energy of Divine Feminine wisdom.

While every moon phase offers us something special, I feel many women are especially aware of this Full Moon and are feeling her every shift. This may be partly because of the moon's Divine Feminine influence but also because of the freedom this full moon is encouraging each of us to take.

Where in your life are you living your birthright of freedom?

Likely many of us participate in things that limit us or take us away from our this eternal freedom. This Full Moon offers us the space to look at all things in our lives and determine if they create freedom for us or take away from it. Allow this Full Moon light to illuminate everything in your life and be willing to look at what she shows you.

The combination of a Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun also holds the energy of both life and death. What things can we celebrate and what things can we let go of?

The thing is sister, you deserve to feel free. You have a birthright of expression, creativity and happiness. With this Full Moon energy this evening, allow yourself to ask where you feel free and where you feel held back.

Walking this path and doing this work certainly isn't easy, but it is worth it.

Remember that the Full Moon is here to guide us and illuminate what we need to see. It is up to us to rise to the occasion and take the first step in the healing process. See this Full Moon in Taurus as your catalyst for a new level of joy, alignment and freedom.

- 3 ways to celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus -

1. Meditate outside beneath the Full Moon or inside with a candle and imagine the moonlight illuminating you and all alignments in your life. What things support you in feeling expansive, free and creative? What things feel limiting or restrictive? Allow yourself to be honest as you tune into the element of freedom and flow. Journal upon what you discover.

2. This feminine-centered Full Moon reminds us of the need to restore and receive. Take a hot bath with dried herbs, rose petals and essential oils. Being in water during a Full Moon is generally a powerful practice but especially with this Full Moon! You can see our full moon bath salt making recipe here.

3. Ask yourself what you need more of to feel Divine and free. Perhaps this week implementing more self is exactly what you need or perhaps you need to be more creative and expressive. What feels in alignment with you?

May this Full Moon remind you of your mission and significance in this world. Set yourself free of the things that limit your wild spirit.

With lunar love and gratitude,



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