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12 Yoga Class Themes for Instructors

Creating a yoga class involves making your yoga sequence, finding good music, setting up the space and of course, picking a theme. A theme is something that we as instructors sprinkle in throughout a class to provide inspiration and support to each student.

A good theme is something that most people will be able to connect with. For example, most people can resonate with the theme of letting go because likely we all have something that we could let go of in our lives.

If you're looking for fresh ideas for your yoga class themes, here's a list of 12 themes that could add the perfect element to your class!

Here are some good go-to theme ideas for your upcoming yoga classes ~

1) You are exactly where you are meant to be, trust

2) What do you need to let go of in this space? What no longer serves you?

3) Trusting in the process and keeping your eyes closed

4) How we show up on our mat is how we live our lives

5) Surrender and learning to soften

6) You are your own greatest teacher

7) Staying present through challenge

8) Be bold enough to honor your body and what you need

9) Root to rise and staying grounded

10) Opening the heart to love through posture and compassion

11) Change your perspective and change your life, the why of inversions

12) Releasing tension in the hips and allowing emotion to flow

A theme is key to any yoga class! Weave one of these themes into your class and then comment below and let us know how it went!

With gratitude,

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