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You Deserve to be Someone's First Choice

Dearest sister,

If you are clicking this, it's probably because you know what it feels like to be someone's second choice. While this can show up in a variety of ways, I'm specifically talking about romantic relationships and partnerships.

Perhaps you've dated someone and later found out that you were who they called when it didn't work out with another partner. Or perhaps this person says they want to be with you but continue to lead you on or tell you that you are not quite good enough for them.

This needs to stop.

Sister, you deserve to be someone's first choice.

You have worth. You are beautiful. You deserve this.

If someone in your life, especially a current or prospective partner, continues to treat you like the second option, it may be time to step back. This is allowing you to peer into a future of something potentially far more toxic and hurtful. See this as a reason to leave the relationship.

You deserve so much better.

You are loved and supported during this transition. Don't forget that. <3

With gratitude,


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