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A Peek Inside the Life of an Entrepreneur

I've been asked to share what it's like being the Creatrix of GoddessCeremony and how I balance managing this incredible sisterhood, my personal life, travel and all things related to this wild life!

GoddessCeremony has grown massively over the last few years and is recognized as one of the largest global online sisterhoods. We lead Sacred Goddess Retreats all over the world with our United States based retreats and international retreats each year. We also lead powerful online trainings for women who are seeking to immerse themselves even deeper. We also lead workshops, circles and events too as we seek to teach women the wisdom of sisterhood and community.

Somedays, there's a lot on my plate! I'm going to share below a general flow of my personal day and how I balance work, personal life and all things in-between!

8AM ~ Wake Up

I usually begin my day slowly with a few minutes to drink water, ground, stretch, meditate and do anything else I intuitively feel I need. I love laying in bed and watching the sunshine stream through my windows and illuminate all of my plants. This is a very sacred part of my day.

8:30AM ~ Morning Routine + Grounding

My morning routine changes everyday but I usually like to meditate at my altar for a few minutes, burn some incense, stretch / implement a short yoga flow and chant. Some mornings I feel called to read something soul-inspiring while other days I feel called to journal. I trust whatever feels authentic in the moment.

9AM ~ Yoga or Workout

I practice yoga at least 6 days a week (I try to have one complete rest day each week!) so I'll either go to a local class in the morning or later in the evening. If I don't go to yoga in the morning, I will do a workout from home or head to the gym. I love Kayla Itsines' BBG workouts and I also love the stair master and elliptical at the gym. When I get my daily workout in, I feel much clearer and can concentrate better. In the last few months I also hired a personal trainer to help me target building arm and ab strength and that's been amazing. You can read my post about why strength training is a wonderful addition to any yoga practice here.

10:30AM ~ Begin Work

This is usually when I'll start to make my do-to lists, prioritize things that need to be completed that day, schedule meetings and plan out blog posts.

11AM ~ Breakfast

I like to break my fast between 11AM and noon with something simple. In the warmer months I like to start my day with a protein filled smoothie but as the weather begins to cool down now, I'm opting for nourishing homemade veggie scrambles. Nutrition is a very key component of my life as a Naturopathic Doctor so I try to be mindful of everything i'm eating.

11:30AM - 3PM ~ Work, Work, Work

This is my time to do anything and everything that needs to be done. I answer emails, coordinate upcoming retreats, book venues, schedule events, update the website, coordinate with other GoddessCeremony employees and create new projects. I like the flexibility I have each day to create something new.

3:15PM ~ Lunch

For lunch I like to make something more filling. Lunch is generally the largest meal of my day. Some of my go-to's include large salads, salmon, egg scrambles, homemade soups and protein bowls.

3:30PM ~ Personal Time

This is my time to play with new yoga poses, read, journal, go for a walk, dance, meet up with my sisters, rest or cook.

5PM ~ Yoga

I generally like to workout in the morning and then go to yoga in the evening. As a yoga instructor, I like to go to yoga classes when I can because it helps to make me a stronger student and thus a better teacher. I highly recommend going to yoga regularly even if you are a teacher.

6PM ~ Evening Walk

One of my favorite ways to close a day is to go for a long walk in the city or in the mountains. Because Utah is so dang gorgeous and mountainous, this also gets my heart rate up and my endorphins flowing. I love sitting up on a high ledge to watch the sunset.

7PM ~ Dinner

For dinner, I eat things similar to lunch. I also like to finish dinner with some organic tea or a healthy homemade dessert.

7:30PM ~ Free Time or Evening Out

Evenings are always amazing. I've finished my walk, had dinner and now it's my time to just be. Some evenings I'll go out with some friends, go on a date or go to a community gathering but some nights I feel called to just be home. This is my time to read, watch movies I've been wanting to see or if I'm feeling inspired, work a bit more. :)

There's a peak into my day as an entrepreneur! While it changes a lot, this is my go-to daily flow. What is your day like? Comment below and let me know!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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