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The 4 Phases of Woman and the Divine Feminine

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The feminine is inherently diverse, ever changing, flowing and free. We are constantly in motion, ebbing and weaving, shifting and dancing through different phases, different archetypes and new layers of life.

Throughout history there have been many references to the Tri-Goddess, or the three major phases most women will flow through during their life. Through my own study with medicine women around the world I discovered that there are 4 major archetypal phases of the feminine and these phases each hold their own medicine and magic.

If we imagine the moon, we can recognize 4 distinct phases:

new moon

waxing moon

full moon

waning moon

This cycles every 29.5 days, ever flowing and always changing. The Divine Feminine and women also flow through this same cycle. I'm grateful to share with you below the 4 major Goddess phases or Divine Feminine Archetypal stages and how they are different.

The 4 Phases of Woman and the Divine Feminine ~

-The Maiden-

The maiden stage is the first phase of the feminine. This is the phase that we would be in when we experienced our first menstrual cycle. Traditionally, receiving one's first menstrual cycle, or first blood, was a deeply sacred and celebrated time. The maiden stage was a time of wonder, optimism, dreams and boldness.

Season: Spring

Moon Phase: Waxing Moon

Recommended Herb: Chaste Tree Berry

-The Mother-

The mother stage arrives when a woman becomes pregnant with a new life. As she carries a growing being inside of her, she embodies the mother archetype. This phase is characterized by deep nurturing energy, patience, earth connection and self expression.

A note on the mother phase: If you do not physically have children, you can still enter the mother archetypal stage. By birthing a new business, a new project or through other creative endeavors, you can follow the flow of the mother stage without necessarily having a child.

Season: Summer

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Recommended Herb: Honeysuckle Flower Essence

-The Enchantress-

The enchantress stage begins during the sacred time of menopause. As our cycle ceases and our hormones shift and flow, we are offered the space to look within. This is a deeply introspective and powerful time and a time when many women choose to reclaim themselves after years of serving others. You may see divorces after 20 years, major lifestyle shifts and bold changes as women intuitively feel called to remember who they are and why they are here. This is a powerful time of transition.

Season: Fall

Moon Phase: Waning Moon

Recommended Herb: Nettle Leaf

-The Crone-

Lastly, we enter the beautiful crone stage. Also known as the elder, the witch, the wise woman, the medicine woman or lo que sabe, this phase is where we embody wisdom. Traditionally we would have spent our lives cultivating deep wisdom and would now rise as the teachers. This is a sacred time of learning and the teaching of medicine songs and stories but also of mortality. It is within this phase that we learn to understand the life, death, life cycle that exists everywhere in the Universe.

Season: Winter

Moon Phase: New Moon

Recommended Herb: Red Raspberry Leaf

Where are you at in your life? What archetype currently resonates with you?

This is such a deep and diverse subject and so this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding just how magical each phase truly is.

If you are ready to learn more about the Divine Feminine, the 4 archetypal stages of the feminine, the moon phases and how it all weaves together, reserve your spot in the Embodied Wisdom Moon Training! This online training will teach you everything you need to know about the moon, the Divine Feminine and how to live as an empowered, connected woman. See more details here

May this wisdom offer you exactly what you need.

With gratitude,

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