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It's Time to Throw Out the Pads and Tampons

We've written a number of blog posts listing the reasons to ditch commercial pads and tampons and what other alternatives exist but in this blog post we'll be sharing some key resources, blogs and studies that fully demonstrate the disturbing truth about sanitary products.

Likely we all were given two options when we first started menstruating: pads and tampons. And likely we continued using these products for years or even decades. The scary truth shows up when we start to examine what kinds of chemicals are used in the production of pads and tampons and the lack of safety regulation in this industry as a whole.

Tampons and pads are considered medical devices and therefore the manufacturers are not legally required to disclose ingredients used or the chemical processes these products go through before they hit the shelves.

Essentially what this means is that you as the consumer do not get to know what you are bleeding onto. And that's disturbing.

It's especially concerning when we know that the vagina is a mucus membrane. This means that the vagina can readily absorb whatever is inside of it.

Most commercial pads and tampons contain GMOs, dioxins, trace amounts of mercury and xeno-estrogens. When inserted into the vagina, the body absorbs it. This is what many of called the ticking time bomb of disease.

Before we dive into the research and many excellent resources out there, here's a few links to creating a sacred and empowering experience around menstruation:

Now we'll start to link the data and research that have found high levels of mercury in pads and tampons, the presence of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in sanitary products as well as the prevalence of xeon-estrogens.

Before we dive into that though, remember this:


This information is not intended to scare you but rather to EMPOWER you. When we know better, we can do better. Let's stop supporting these sinister companies and do right by our bodies. Let's stand up for our health as women.

Genetically Modified Organisms found in pads and tampons

The dangers of mercury and dioxins

Xeon-Estrogens and havoc they cause in the body

Other excellent resources:

By educating ourselves, we become part of the solution. Please share this blog post with everyone you know!

With gratitude,

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