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Setting Intentions for October

Can you believe it's already October, sister? It feels like this year has flown by!

Soon many of us will be celebrating Halloween - also known as Samhain or Hallow's Eve - and tuning into the element of death, rebirth and our ancestors.

At the beginning of every month I like to tune in and make intentions for myself. These intentions may include goals and inspirations and they may also be simple reminders for self care and rejuvenating practices I want to implement more of.

Every month we are given the opportunity for a fresh start and new beginning. Let us step into every month with new awareness and optimism and create a month of intention and joy.

I would encourage you over the next couple days to carve out some time and to set some simple intentions for yourself. Your intentions could include implementing more self care, going to yoga once a week, making a green smoothie for breakfast instead of grabbing something at a drive-thru, being fully present with your children before bed or creating a few minutes of silence each day to ground and center.

Whatever it is you want to cultivate and create this month, let it be your intention!

A few of my October intentions are listed below. You are welcome to use the same ones as me or to create something completely unique.

My October Intentions ~

-take one full rest day a week, both from yoga / working out and also from my business

-hike at least once a week here in the mountains

-yoni steam at least twice a month to support my health and nourish my body

-hold a powerful personal Samhain ceremony to honor my ancestors and the life:death:life process at the end of the month

May you have a powerful October, sister! Remember that the season is turning inward and now is the time to focus on more nourishing and rejuvenating practices. Self care is a must during this season!

With gratitude,


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