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Life is About Balance

Life is about balance. Somedays we eat organic salads and green smoothies and other days we eat homemade brownies for breakfast. It is the yin and yang, flow and structure, ebb and flow that keeps life in balance.

Learning how to honor the change and flow around us is a powerful practice in trust and balance. It is okay to go to the gym one day and then enjoy a movie day with a friend the next.

Balance is about honoring what you need each day because likely it'll change from day to day.

Today I began my day with homemade Bulletproof Coffee (recipe coming soon!) and homemade gluten free brownies. While these are probably the healthiest brownies ever, they are still brownies and not something I would generally eat for breakfast.

Today though, it felt right. My dear friend is staying with me and this added the perfect amount of sweetness and flow to our morning.

Normally I would feel guilty for not starting with my typical green smoothie and yoga routine but today I chose to trust in the element of balance.

I'm here to remind you, sister, that it's okay to change your routine and to honor what you need. It's okay to do things that are fun and bring you joy. Life is too short to live in rigidity or fear. Live today with joy and embodiment!

In gratitude,


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