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Full Moon in Aries September 2018 - Heal the Wound

Happy Full Moon in Aries, sacred sister! September 24 / 25 marks the peak of this powerful and fiery Full Moon. This sacred moon time is especially potent and likely you've been feeling the effects of this Full Moon over the last few days.

Aries is a primal, powerful fire sign that burns away old patterns and creates fertile soil for change and transformation. And that is exactly what this Aries Full Moon is offering us ~ the space to burn the old and rise boldly into a new paradigm.

If you've been feeling on edge, agitated, overwhelmed or tired over the weekend, you are not alone! This Full Moon has the potential to bring up reactive patterns or to lower our energy if we are not grounded. Honor what arises for you.

Allow this Full Moon in Aries to be the sacred container in which you find full clarity and direction in your life. This Full Moon whispers the reminder that healing is not linear and requires time and patience. With this Full Moon, allow the old stories and beliefs around you and your healing journey to burn away alongside everything else that no longer serves you and plant a seed of deep inner healing and empowerment deep in the ashes.

Now is the time to honor the cycle of healing and to willingly trust in the process.

Find solace within this Full Moon energy and find comfort in the gentle healing of your wounds and stories. The old patterns are being cast into the fire. Allow it to happen.

This Full Moon comes just a couple days after the Fall Equinox, also known as Mabon, so deep change and transition is in the air. Learn more about the wisdom of the Fall Equinox here or 9 ways to slow down with the Fall Equinox here.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this fiery Full Moon and Fall Equinox have carved a beautiful space for introspection and healing.


Here are 3 ways to honor this Full Moon in Aries ~

1. Journal on anything that has felt unclear or up in the air for you. Write out the options you've had and then allow yourself to harness the Full Moon energy as you draw clarity and decisiveness from her. You'll likely find that certain options simply fall away and leave behind the exact path you are meant to take.

2. Sit beneath the sacred moon tonight. Get up in the mountains or find a quiet place in nature to sit outside with Grandmother Moon tonight. Lunar rays are healing to the body and may help support regular pineal gland function. Allow her light to touch your skin as she offers healing.

3. Make noise and get in your primal energy. Grab a drum, a flute or any instrument and make some noise this evening. Aries is often considered a deep, primal sign so tonight is the night to honor this calling. You can also do an ecstatic dance at home to move your body and connect to the instinctual part of the human. Whatever calls to you, honor it.


This Full Moon has so much healing for us and reminds us that the Universe ebbs and flows in the cycle of Life, Death and Life. Trust that the Full Moon will burn away the things that hinder you and bloom the places that fan your sacred flame.

You are loved. You are supported. You are held.

Infinite gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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