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How to Clear Attachments to Past Partners and Lovers

A powerful practice that isn't done often enough is clearing attachments to previous partners and lovers. This practice helps us to remove attachments and cords to people and times that no longer serve us while also honoring our past and those we have loved.

The people we allow into our most sacred space leave their mark both physically (through DNA) and energetically (through energetic connections). Every partner you have shared intimacy with is likely still ingrained into a part of you.

If you are feeling like it is time to release attachments to these lovers and move forward with a new beginning, this blog post is for you!

How to determine if this practice is right for you ~

If you are wondering if clearing the attachment to past lovers is something you need to do, bring a hand to your womb space and take a few deep breaths. Think of those you have shared intimacy with and ask your body if she is holding any weight or negativity from these experiences. If yes, then I'd highly recommend clearing the connection. If not, that's great too!

If you feel that there are negative attachments to these partners or experiences, this practice will help you heal old cords and connections.

How to clear attachments to past lovers and partners ~

1) Get out a piece of paper and write out anyone that you have shared intimacy with. If you cannot remember some names, that's okay! Just write down something that will serve as a reminder for that person. You may choose to just write down those you have physically had sex with or perhaps you feel connections to partners that shared other forms of intimacy with you. Honor what feels authentic for you.

2) After you have written the names, put a star next to any name that you feel has attachment and thus needs to be released. You may feel attachments due to past trauma with this partner, unresolved conversations or commitments or perhaps it's purely intuitive. Honor what you feel as you move down the line of names.

3) Grab a piece of paper for each person with a star by their name and take the time to write them a letter. Note that you will not be physically sending this letter and instead this practice is just for you so write authentically and boldly. Write out the things that you never got to say to them. If they hurt you, write it out in the letter. Honor any emotion that arises along the way.

4) Take all of your notes and burn them in a ceremonial fire. Likely you will feel a lot of emotion flow and that's okay. As the letters burn, keep your hands over your womb space as you feel the cords sever. You could even repeat aloud or in your head: I am free of these connections. I reclaim my most sacred space.

From here on, be mindful of who you allow into your sacred space. Before sharing intimacy with someone, ask yourself if they have connected to you via your heart. Have they shown that they are worthy to enter your most sacred space? Do their intentions feel pure and loving? If not, I recommend avoiding intimacy until then. If this person does feel safe, trust your intuition as you move forward.

Intimacy is such a deeply sacred connection and sharing it with those who truly love and honor you is so special. Remember that you deserve to have a connection that is powerful, authentic and sacred.

As you complete this practice, comment below and let us know how it felt for you. Was it challenging? Did you discover new layers of pain or trauma you had forgotten? Where are you now after completing this practice?

In gratitude,


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