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9 Ways to Slow Down with the Fall Equinox

As the Fall Equinox approaches this month, we are beginning to enter a season of change and transition. If you are unfamiliar with the Fall Equinox and how to celebrate this sacred time, you can read more about it here.

After the height of Summer, we slowly come back into the Fall, a time of stillness and remembrance. This is a sacred time to slow down and to prioritize the things that serve you and to cut out the things that you do not need as you enter this transition towards Winter.

Here are 9 ways to slow down with the Fall Equinox ~

1. Get clear on what is working and what is not working in your life

Reflect on the things that you put your energy towards and assess if they are serving you in your life or hindering you. This could include relationships, careers, hobbies, personal habits and routines. What is working right now? What isn't working any more? Slowly make space by removing the things that no longer serve you.

2. Declutter your home

After the climax of Summer, we generally start to have a little more time to be home and in our sacred space. If you have felt a bit behind on organization and cleanliness in your home, you are not alone! Take some time to clear away cluttered spaces and bring special attention to your bedroom and the room with your altar space. Donate items that you no longer need and allow simplicity to be your new mantra.

3. Burn away the old

If you have new, profound wisdom from the Summer season or if you need to let go of something deep and heavy in your spirit, create a fire ceremony. Within this sacred space, burn away the hold by writing out everything you're letting go of and then tossing it into the fire. This practice is incredibly transformative and healing so create a sacred fire if you need to do some sacred healing work.

4. Gather with your sisters

The Fall Equinox is such a sacred time to gather with people in your community and to celebrate this time of transition. Gather with your sisters for a feast, nature walk or sacred circle and discuss how things are shifting for you with the weather changing.

5. Implement more self care

An absolute must, the Fall Equinox gives us more time and space to practice self care. As you move into the winter months, see if you can create more and more space in your life to honor yourself and to recharge. Just as a tree or plant moves within to survive a harsh winter, as do we! See a full list of self care ideas here.

6. Focus on nourishing meals

As you have more space for intention and healing with the Fall Equinox, bring awareness to your meals. The Fall Equinox is the perfect time to transition to more hearty, nutrient dense meals. You may trade your morning smoothie out for overnight oats with coconut oil and cinnamon or a delicious scramble. Honor what you are naturally craving as the season begins to cool off. See our Recipe Directory here full of nourishing recipes!

7. Find a healthier routine

If you've lost all sense of routine and rhythm with the Summer, you're not alone! See if a morning or evening ritual is possible for you and your schedule and weave it in as needed.

8. Get in nature

Get your bare feet on Mother Earth if you can and feel her waxing and waning energy too. Going for a hike in nature is a powerful way to observe the changes nature experiences and how connected we are to this cycle too.

9. Honor the element of change

You may find that you are a different person now than you were at the beginning of Summer. Honor this shift and allow it to simply be. All things change.

Happy Fall Equinox, sisters! May this healing time offer you all of the wisdom you need in this moment.

With gratitude,

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