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What Kind of Food is Served at a Sacred Goddess Retreat?

We hear this question all of the time from women around the world ~ "What kind of food do you serve at your Sacred Goddess Retreats?"

We're excited to share more about the kind of food that we offer here and why we go above and beyond to ensure that you are nourished during every retreat with us.

We believe that medicine is food and so we do our best to reflect that in the food we serve at all Goddess Retreats. While you are here in a healing and supportive space, we believe you deserve to nourish your body with beautiful, healing foods.

Not only is all of the food we serve nutrient dense and incredibly fresh, but all ingredients are also organic. Approximately 95% of everything served at a Goddess Retreat is organic (with the exception of things like sea salt or specialty items that are not available in an organic option). We try hard to purchase local whenever possible too!

With all of the beautiful organic produce that we purchase, we then make sure the right person can turn this abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains into gorgeous, artful meals.

We hire state of the art chefs to join us on all Sacred Goddess Retreats and these women live, eat and breathe healthy cooking. We have been blessed to work with some of the best chefs in the country who have prepared some of the most decadent meals we've ever enjoyed. When you come to a Goddess Retreat, you are treated to all homemade, organic meals throughout the week or weekend.

Everything served during our Goddess Retreats is vegetarian and most everything is also vegan and gluten free. We sometimes offer organic local eggs in the morning or regular butter options for toast, but everything we make is completely gluten free and vegan so that all dietary restrictions are accommodated. For those who desire extra protein with animal products, eggs, regular creamer, butter and cheese are offered. Everything prepared at our Goddess Retreats is also gluten free!

The food at our retreats are renowned for many reasons, but one reason we stand out from the rest is our dedicated to accommodating ALL dietary restrictions. We've had women join us with severe allergies, specialty requests like fully raw diets and very specific requests and we take all of these very seriously. We DO NOT charge extra for dietary requests nor will we ever. We want all Goddesses at our retreats to feel supported and nourished - always!

Want to be nourished by one of our lovely chefs at a Goddess Retreat? See all of our upcoming Goddess Retreats here!

We look forward to serving you within this sacred space!

With gratitude,


All photos by Arika of Zion Adventure Photography

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