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How to Manifest your Dream Relationship

At any manifestation circle or retreat that I lead, I find that the number one thing people manifest are their dream relationships. They manifest the love of their life, their soul mate, their twin flame, their beloved.

And it's incredible to witness! When we gain clarity on what we are ready to receive and manifest, we make space for the Universe to support us in this journey. If you are ready to manifest your ideal relationship or the partner of your dreams, this is for you!

But first, what is manifestation? We wrote a large blog about manifestation over a year ago but in it's most simple sense, manifestation is simply co-creating with what you call the Divine. When we co-create with this powerful force, we realize that anything we desire - our dream career, the house we've always wanted, the nourishing friendships, the love of our life - is completely possible. To manifest is to be empowered!

If you are looking to manifest your dream partnership, here's how to do it ~

Step 1. Meditate on what your ideal partner would be like. Allow yourself to get really specific as you daydream about this amazing man or woman. What do they look like? What do they do for a living? Are they kind? Passionate? Have a loving family? Get clear on everything this person would be.

Step 2. Get out a piece of paper and begin to write out all of the qualities you just meditated on. I like to write my manifestations out in the form of an affirmation. Rather than writing "I want a loving partner" I would write "I HAVE a loving partner..."

Write out everything you can think of. One key element of manifestation is to always be really specific so allow yourself to have fun with us!

Step 3. When you have written it all out, read it aloud. If emotion comes up, honor that. Often when we manifest something we deeply desire, there's a lot of emotion and longing behind it. That is okay. Just feel into it.

Step 4. Trust that when this person is meant to enter your life, they will. By writing out your manifestation, you have surrendered to the Universe / God and this magnificent energy can now begin coordinating this beautiful human being to come into your life.

Step 5. Allow it to flow in when it's meant to and remember that one day, this incredible human being will walk into your life. In the meantime, take care of yourself. Practice self care, go to the yoga class, heal at the retreat, do whatever you need to do to feel closer to your fullest essence.

I look forward to hearing about this amazing human being you've manifested!

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So much love to you on this journey!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder



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