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When Impossible Yoga Poses Suddenly Become Possible

We all have a few yoga poses that in our minds are impossible. Maybe for you it's a handstand or scorpion, frog pose or bird of paradise. We go to a class and they cue one of these poses and we are left to sit there and think "HA! As if!"

While this is a very normal mentality in yoga, I am here to challenge this belief in you and maybe even push you to reach beyond this limiting belief.

For as long as I've been practicing yoga, the one pose that seemed radically out of reach for me was Hanumanasana, or full splits. As someone with tight hamstrings and no natural flexibility, this pose was almost laughable for me.

So I created this story in my mind that went something like this... "Splits is out of the question for me. It's not possible for me to get my legs like that. I wasn't a gymnast like these other yogis."

Pretty limiting right?

Well a few months ago I finally was in the right mindset to really begin to cultivate a practice around the splits. Almost everyday I did some sort of stretch, whether it was a low lunge or a half splits variation.

I didn't notice any major shifts initially but I was determined to overcome these limiting beliefs and to just see if it was even possible for me.

A few weeks into this, a teacher at a yoga studio cued splits. Normally I would've scoffed at the idea but this time I was truly ready to try. So I set up my legs, scooted my back knee towards the back of the mat and began to sink down.

Before I knew it, I was nearly in full splits! My eyes must've been bulging out of my head at the realization!

This led me to have a new belief: it is possible for me to do the splits! I am so close!

Since then, I've become even more dedicated to stretching everyday.

While I don't have the fullest expressions of splits in my practice, I am really damn close! I have shared my "before and after" photo below for you. These photos were taken a year apart and a HUGE mindset shift later.

Is there a yoga pose that you've been itching to try but haven't felt like it's possible?

I am here to remind you that it IS possible. Begin to see the pose as a possibility and then begin to take little steps towards it daily.

Want to implement handstand into your practice? Great! Try to handstand against the wall everyday for 20 seconds. Doing this everyday will make a huge difference in your stability!

Want to nail that crow pose? Practice it daily and remember that it is very much possible.

With just a few months left of 2018, I encourage you to set a goal for yourself with a yoga pose and just see where the journey takes you. You might be surprised to find yourself in December with the full variation of the pose in your practice!

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