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5 Natural Remedies to Kick a Cold

With how much we travel for sacred Goddess Retreats, it's inevitable that sometimes we'll get a cold along the way. If you've got the sniffles or simply want to prepare yourself for the coming winter months, this blog post will be helpful for you!

Beneath each suggestion I've also linked my personal favorite brands.

5 Natural Remedies to Kick a Cold ~

1. Garlic

You can choose to buy garlic in the form of a capsule to take a few times a day or you can simply eat a whole clove of garlic (yes, it will be really intense!). Garlic is an amazing way to boost the immune system and has been shown to kill both viruses and bacteria.

2. Proshield Essential Oil

Proshield is a spicy blend of clove oil, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus and lemongrass and it is perhaps my favorite preventative and healing tool to have on hand. Putting one drop on each foot each morning and before bed will allow your immune system to rev up and kill off any invaders in the body. Often if I feel a cold beginning to form, just putting Proshield on the bottom of my feet is enough to stop the cold before it gets any further.

3. Rosehips Capsules

Rosehips is another favorite of mine to activate the immune system and help fight dis-ease. Rosehips is perhaps the best form of Vitamin C in the world so before you grab some orange artificially colored Vitamin C supplements at the store, pick up some Rosehips instead! Taking a few capsules a day will help you heal quickly.

4. Bone Broth

Bone broth is perhaps the most healing substance in the world so if you have come down with a cold, drinking bone broth may be the healing tool you need! You can choose to make your own (learn how to do that here) or you can buy organic broth from the store.

5. Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is a great go-to during cold and flu season. This amazing tonic also helps to boost the immune system and kill off bacteria and viruses. This is a must have in your medicine cabinet during the colder winter months!

I hope this list was helpful for you! When we nourish our body, healing happens faster so tune into your body and see what you need.

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder, N.D.

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