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To Surrender is to be Strong

While many of us have learned that to force and to make things happen is the measure of strength and wisdom. I however question that belief.

I think forcing or making things happen is really quite easy. It is the human in us that wants to keep things the same way or make them ideal for us.

It is the spiritual being that lies within each of us that understands the art of surrender.

To surrender is to be strong.

When we surrender in our lives, we tune into the element of trust. We have faith that things are the way they are meant to be. We let go of the human desire to shift our reality so that it is more comfortable.

When we surrender, we get comfortable in the difficult moments and allow them to pass with grace.

To surrender is not to be weak or to let life walk all over us. Rather, when we surrender we see the greater message or perspective in all things.

For example, if we were moving through a break up, the human in us wants to do everything we can to try and stay together. To part would be scary and we desire comfort. So we kick and scream and try to force the relationship to stay together.

In this same example, to tune into the element of surrender would be understanding that perhaps this relationship has lived out it's season and that maybe you are meant to part ways. Perhaps there are other partners out there for both of you that are more aligned or perhaps you need this deep healing lesson.

When we surrender, we allow things to change in our lives and we do so with grace and patience.

If you are moving through a break up, ask yourself if perhaps there is a greater message here. If you just lost a job, be willing to wonder if maybe you are simply being redirected. If you are in a state of transition and deep change, allow things to rearrange.

They may just rearrange even more perfectly than we could've ever created.

In gratitude,

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